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Swarm Merging

by Guest on 2015/05/19 12:38:03 PM    
is it possible to implement Swarm Merging feature like vuze?
by Guest on 2016/03/12 12:16:17 AM    
yep .. agrree.. its like the future of the p2p ... you ''need'' to take a leap of faith
by Nameless on 2016/03/17 04:42:34 AM    
Make it happen, Tixati.  This is a very useful feature.
by Guest on 2016/03/17 05:34:42 PM    
Amen, bros, amen.
by Guest on 2016/03/17 07:18:43 PM    
This sounds interesting! I often see several torrents that appear to have the same file I want, but the number of seeds is low or 0 for each. If I understand this correctly, swarm merging could complete a file from several incomplete torrents(some with just leeches). This would be fantastic!!!
by YandereKate on 2016/04/22 03:40:20 AM    
Just came to bump this feature request
by Guest on 2016/12/13 02:53:20 AM    
It seems to me that this feature would be an extremely valuable addition to Tixati and would really make it desirable over other clients. I hope the developers consider adding this feature sooner than later. Long live Tixati!
by Guest on 2016/12/13 04:25:09 PM    
can features like that one be patented? maybe vuze already did that, who knows
by Guest on 2016/12/14 03:03:46 AM    
Unless each swarm is using the same piecesize (____ x __KiB pieces)... you are going to be getting alot of duplicate data. (I did this myself for a niche but very important tv show recently. Imagine 100 MiB shows x 10 shows, 1 GiB total size right? Well I was able to get 4 shows 100% from a single swarm. The next 3 were only in the whole series swarm. So I replicated these singly .33 data (including 10% failed hash data, i.e. incomplete pieces for whatever reason) Current download .73 for .70 total content not bad. Last three were.. not full anywhere. One for each had .25 MiB pieces, the other had 1 MiB pieces. Max for the smaller was .45 completed. Once I connected to the larger 1 MiB swarms I would get .70 completion. So 1.15 x .3 x 3 . Adding it all together the math puts that at just over 2.06 which is 100% more data than if it was all in 1 swarm. Total time taken 21 calendar days, 5d 18h according to Tixati runtime, the swarms weren't reliably up - probebly due to the "EVENTUALLY" mindset of people with incomplete downloads, and in the case of Tixati's queue)
What tixati would do if this is enabled is ensure fast replication of complete pieces. But that would require checking X swarms for each Y piece completed. This is an exponential problem.

As an idea look at the "relocate" of local files. You can name/point things to where you want. The program automatically tries MERGE on you when the files should match. (Do not force recheck partial downloads, because that would use your current setting for allocation and do the whole transfer, even if you didn't select all the files (Priority- >> OFF) Had to wipe a partition outside tixati (in program would have taken forever for the 281 GiB transfer).. Explorer simply asked to delete, and then auto emptied the trash for me. This is not always the case, depending on your RECYCLE BIN settings.
by ASmith on 2022/07/16 06:03:09 AM    
7 years of requesting this vitally need feature and its still called a Help and Support forum? Has Elvis left the building?
by Guest on 2023/04/08 03:59:29 AM    
Swarm Merging for BitTorrent v1 and v2 request.

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