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[feature request] multi source downloading

by Guest on 2019/10/24 09:08:40 PM    
sometimes different groups put out exactly the same torrent with only a few bits extra files added but since the main file is exactly the same between all the torrents it should be possible to merge them all into one download.
right now pointing three torrents at the same location sadly makes them eventually fail

would be awesome if that could be supported

it would also make sense to have it automaticall detect if two torrents contain files with the same hash and notify the user if he wants to merge them.
by Guest on 2019/11/07 08:32:27 PM    
up to this. i had 3~tb in many hds in 2009~ and seeded during the nights/idle. when i did develop a hash program and stuff to check duplicates and everything like that i notice that 4 torrents had the exact same file of 500mb. i just maded a hardlink . the problem is that all the 4 files is 1 filestream and any of them are modified i lose the file.

also to implement the idea. download from many torrent sources and many https sources as well.

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