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Native Torrent Search Engine

by Guest on 2023/03/27 03:07:01 AM    
This is a very interesting feature to implement, a feature that has a lot o demand and that is present on qBittorrent for years, many users just use qBitorrent because this feature. Some users say that chat search is the same thing, but this argument is ridiculous, how compare the Btdigg huge database with chat search? :D This is a joke? Has suggestions here on forum to implement as a direct DHT Search, but also can use some kind of very simple script language, as Bit Che script language, I think Bit Che language can be interesting, so no need the Python dependence as qBittorent. I think that no need a lot of scripts just one Btdigg script can do the job perfectly for most users. And some users say this feature is useless, I'm NOT a integrated search user, but I use Btdigg a lot on web browser, and come on, if Tixati has the chat feature that in my client is completely disabled, why not implement a native torrent search? If implemented I can keep this one enabled at least, and I think I can use it some time, I think it is more useful that Chats, and I'm not alone, so if you don't like the native search you just don't use it, the same way I don't like and I don't use Chats. In the past I used Bit Che with his multiple scripts and sources and had some torrents that I can't find using Btdigg that I found using Bit Che, so this is a really useful feature and that can be the KEY to find or not find some rare torrent, I know it by experience. So Dev think about it.

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by Guest on 2023/03/27 03:52:14 PM    
But use qBittorrent script language maybe is the best altenative, even with Python dependence, because of the opensource code, that can maybe make the implementation a bit more easy, something like copy and paste, and of course the big scripts collection available, so Tixati users no need to make scripts or keep it updated.
by loninappleton on 2023/03/31 08:01:23 AM    
BitChe by Chip Warner is an application I used for years.  I even paid for the
Gueverra edition.  ;-)

I looked at the code but did not see how to effectively add the current torrent sites.
In other words I can't read code and a user interface would be needed.  It still searches all of the older sites fairly well with less glitz than the newer touted ones.
by Guest on 2023/04/01 09:49:27 PM    
Guevara Edition, kkkk, I also paid for the plus features, now the software is basically dead, sad, but is a cool app, imagine something like it integrated to Tixati...

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