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Feature Request - Built In Search

by Guest on 2015/08/31 12:34:34 AM    
I am not sure how they do it, but there are programs and clients like qBitTorrent that allow you to search for torrents within the program. There is a list of places you can connect to and search, and it is updatable. I think qBitTorrent uses plugins.

I stopped using Tixati because some trackers did not like it, resulting in fewer seeds. I started using qBitTorrent because it had this built-in search. But I am suspecting qBitTorrent is giving less seeders of the actual seeds available than Tixati, and I do not recall ever having so many downloads stall or fail to complete when using Tixati. And yes, I have everything configured correctly.

Now that Tixati has a 64-bit version for Windows I am coming back to it. But that means I have to have a bunch of extra steps or programs to search for torrents, because I no longer do so through a web browser. I hope you are able to include a plugin for Tixati that allows for a search for Torrents within the program.

If you have already included this, awesome!
by Guest on 2015/08/31 11:04:17 AM    
QBittorrent and Vuze use popular torrent sites, in the case of qbittorretn is a script or something done in the python programming language will these sites and show the result in the program, as is the Vuze with its feature called "meta-search" is a json or similar script, go on the site and display the result in the program, the weak point of using this is that whenever the site change the interface, address, etc., the search stops working or not working properly, or has to be maintained regularly to stay up to date.

I'm sorry, I used google translator to answer it.
by Guest on 2015/08/31 08:40:27 PM    
in the channels you can search for stuff. join some channels and try searching. the more channels you join the more links and such you can find.

keep in mind the channels do not exclusively share files related to the channel name. eg. a channel called movies can have shares not related to movies.
by Napsterbater on 2015/09/02 02:08:24 AM    
I vote Nay, Not needed, plenty of way to search for files outside of the client, no need for one in the client.
by varlente on 2023/03/23 05:30:00 PM    
Honsetly that is the only reason why I always switch back to qbittorrent and now just stay with it.
by Guest on 2023/03/24 01:02:03 AM    
if you use the channels you can already search.
by Guest on 2023/03/27 01:58:37 AM    
I'm not supporting the build in search implementation, but this feature has demand, and compare chat search with a build in search that use piratebay or btdigg as source is quite ridiculous. And what is more useless a build in search or the chat feature? If I can choose, I choose build in search without any doubt.

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