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Friends can't connect to torrent I made

by Raging_Flames on 2021/04/30 06:46:35 PM    
To start off, I already read these posts and didn't really get much from them.

I created a torrent in tixati and shared the magnet link with my friends. I have a large number of files that total to a large file size that I need to share with everyone across the globe. I figured torrent was the best way., however nobody is able to connect. I'm seeding a large number of other torrents right now and have no problem connecting to peers on those torrents, so it's not my network. I've googled about 3 dozen trackers and have tried adding them to no avail. I've fired up my old laptop and tried to connect to the torrent on my cell data using the .torrent file and the magnet link but it never connects to anyone. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
by notaLamer on 2021/05/01 11:47:49 PM    
We've had resolved it in channel chat: Tixati User Group.

It boiled down to port forwarding, nobody had it. I've dug up old forum threads here and Tixati does have utp NAT hole punching support. If any single of his friends had ports forwarded then the connection would have worked, using that friend to start the transfer and connect to everyone (in theory).

If you are in a similar position: try IPv6. If your friends have it too, you probably can do port forwarding for IPv6 and only IPv6.
If IPv6 is not an option, please refer to the two VPN threads (don't get misled by the name):
VPN choice
Tixati setup and troubleshooting

The core requirement: the VPN provider must support port forwarding (e.g. VPN_IP:Port connects to your PC:Port, not some LAN router port-forwarding explanations that have nothing to do with the VPN)

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