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Help with using Tixati and NORDVPN

by Guest on 2021/02/13 02:10:42 AM    

I have noticed when using Tixati with NordVPN my speeds are often very slow. I understand that speeds will be slower with a VPN but it seems not normal in my case.

If I set the NORDVPN to connect to one of their TCP servers, I get ok speeds. But when I connect using their "Nordlynx" servers my download speeds are abysmal even though it's supposed to be their fastest servers.

I find in a browser connection test that the Nordlynx servers are indeed faster. So I am left to assume that a setting in Tixati is causing this behavior.

What can I possibly do to alleviate this issue?

Thank you.

Windows 10
Tixati 2.81
by Guest on 2021/02/21 09:58:28 PM    
When you say setting NORDVPN to connect to their TCP servers you mean you're using a 3rd party client like OPENVPN with the service?  I'm using NORDVPN on gigabit fiber and would like to test some theories with you.
by kh1234567890 on 2021/02/26 05:08:04 AM    
NordVPN has gradually become useless with Tixati, at least on my Win10 system.

Using their default NordLYNX protocol connections are slow and many torrent peers simply time out and disconnect.
Switching the NordVPN program to the OpenVPN (UDP) protocol helps somewhat but connecting to their servers using this seems very slow and unreliable. There does not appear to be any difference between their 'standard' and 'P2P' servers.

I have tried all the usuals - resetting the NordVPN program, reinstalling it and their drivers, setting up port forwarding on my router, tweaking their Win VPN drivers, etc. etc. to no avail. The only solution is to disable VPN for Tixati using their split tunneling option and take my chances ...

If any networking nerd could get to the bottom of this it would be appreciated.
by notaLamer on 2021/03/03 04:42:17 PM    
In short: This makes you an awful seeder, a poor downloader and negatively affects your transfer speeds.

NordVPN is deliberately NOT suited for Bittorrent usage. Bittorrent like almost any other p2p protocol requires YOUR COMPUTER to be readily available to new requests coming from the Internet.
With NordVPN THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, bad! If you have a 100% download and you are the only seed online, another person with 0% download CANNOT connect to you, because NordVPN deliberately does NOT support port-forwarding. It's this port-forwarding that's crucial for Bittorrent and adequate transfers.  - here they openly admit they do not offer port-forwarding with a lame excuse.

Find a VPN provider that supports port-forwarding and setup the client to use that port assigned to you.

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