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Can someone ELI5 how to setup NordVPN with Tixati?

by Guest on 2021/03/25 05:09:46 PM    
Rather than having to run my entire system via a VPN I just want downloads and uploads to be processed via the VPN, on some other platforms it was as simple as logging in to my account but I can't seem to find out/figure out how to achieve the same effect on Tixati.

Many thanks
by notaLamer on 2021/03/25 10:18:21 PM    
Please read my response here why NordVPN is one of the worst choices for Bittorrent:

With regards to your question, in VPN marketing speak it's called 'split tunneling.' It is up to your VPN client/VPN config to not route all traffic via the VPN connection. As soon as that's done, you need to go to Tixati settings and set the network interface to be the VPN interface of your system (this way Tixati will ONLY bind aka use the selected interface/IP address). Tixati works wonderfully with that by the way, no hassle.

If this weren't a '****hole VPN' I'd have been inclined to help you in-depth, I just do not wish to support them in the slightest (last but not least due to history and dubious origin). Finally, there's nothing to configure in Tixati, it's all on VPN's side.
by Guest on 2021/04/11 11:18:15 AM    
Hiya, thanks for the advice.

I decided to go with Mullvad however I'm still having an issue where after connecting to a server I can no longer download torrents, progress comes to a complete stop.

Are you sure there are no additional steps I need to take in order to setup the VPN with Tixati?
by notaLamer on 2021/04/13 03:22:33 AM    
I do not know how you had Tixati communicate with the internet before. However when using a good VPN ;) you need to setup port-forwarding manually on Mullvad's website. Then you'll have a dedicated port open for you and to you, set this port in Tixati's settings. Then you will have a fully functional networking with Tixati.
I'm certain your current problem is that you've not set port-forwarding yet.

Lastly if you only have one VPN provider this will be easy: Settings > Network > Connections and there select 'Local IP address or interface' the network interface used by VPN (select by ID or the name, do not select a static IP unless you actually need it). Now this will be your command to Tixati 'only ever use this (VPN) connection for torrenting' - if it's not connected, Tixati will not be able to create any connections until you reconnect to VPN.
by Guest on 2021/04/13 06:06:35 AM    
Does Mullvad still support port forwarding ?
Their ToS seem to imply that they no longer do.
by Guest on 2021/04/14 06:20:52 PM    
Thanks for the response, so I've gone to Mullvad's website, I've requested a forwarded port, lets just say the port is gb-lon- 33333, I've gone to Tixati's settings and under Network > Incoming Ports and in "TCP/TDP port for peer connections and messages" I've put "33333" (The same as the port given by Mullvad). I've then gone into Network > Connections and under "Local IPv4 Address or interface" I've selected Mullvad Tunnel. However I am still "Downloading 0 (0) 0 (0)"

Maybe there is a step I've done wrong?

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