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Feature Request - Rare Download Global Tracker Cycling

by Guest on 2020/05/05 02:37:39 PM    
Hi Guys,

I like downloading rare/old stuff. I fully understand this is hit and miss, this in itself is half the fun.

My feature request might help rare downloads complete.

Without Feature:

Tixati user adds a download. On average, any given download is assigned 2-6 common trackers.
If the download is widely available, it will likely find many peers and complete no issue.

With New Feature:

I have had success adding 100 Trackers to the trackers window of my rare/old downloads. Sometimes this finds a peer for an otherwise idle download.

SO, this new feature is one single "Master" location window to paste in (say) 100 or more trackers that I find on the net. Only making this "Global Tracker" list ONCE.

When a rare/old download is "stalled" IE not having any luck finding peers; I would like Tixati Dev's to add a "Stealth Tracker Mode" tick box, PER download. Default=OFF.
When I enable this Stealth Tracker tickbox, Tixati should automatically cycle through the "Global" list of Trackers (IE: 1 to 100) automatically.

This might raise the chances of me hitting an isolated peer who is using a very old tracker. I have had some luck with this tactic, but managing massive lists per torrent is cumbersome.

It would be really cool if Tixati had a master list of trackers and could auto cycle them for rare/old downloads to heighten the chances of finding more peers.

I know DHT is supposed to help but some Downloads can have "PRIVATE" mode enabled and not everybody understands that DHT is disabled in these cases.
Also I know factually downloads are available but some people's Download programs have exceptionally poor implementation of DHT, for some reason it doesn't work 100% reliably.

Tixati is by far my favorite, Thank You Kindly for developing this with a passion! You guys should win an award for the graphical debug section alone!! Take Care everybody!
by Guest on 2020/05/05 05:59:49 PM    
I like this idea, have another post suggesting a feature called auto-delete-dead-torrents,

a optional global setting to auto delete dead torrents, for instance the user can set to maximum 20-30 days of enabled state time (stopped time don't count), if the torrent is ever "hash-link:" or get for example 40% but never complete, this torrent is automatically deleted with the files, without warnings.

I think a good idea add this feature with your suggestion together, in one rich feature, maybe even with vuze swarm merge also, another post suggestion, all in one, for instance, set maximum 30 days of enabled time to auto delete (optional setting) and 5-10 days to activate the "100 trackers list", optional setting also, so, Tixati wait 5 days, if download don't complete, activate "100 trackers list" and optionally  enforce DHT in private torrents, and wait more 25 days, if torrent not get 100% or is "hash-link" then auto delete. I agree with you which DHT is not perfect, have another post suggesting a auto-update tracker list, just because this DHT imperfection.


enforce DHT in private torrents = my idea


auto update tracker

vuze swarm merge

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