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Guys lets put up a list of what we wish in tixati
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by DrTeeth on 2014/04/19 03:18:00 AM    
A different or additional file extension for uncompleted downloads.
With the amount and different stuff I download, moving to a given folder on completion would be too much of a pain in the arse. It's the only thing I miss about ĀµTorrent.
by Guest on 2014/04/19 04:34:51 PM    
more and detailed Bandwidth history for the Total DL.

Sometimes I get up in the morning to find out, it has stopped
(for whatever reason..... I just try to find out)
But I don't know whether it stopped 1 hour ago or 4 hours ago.
Also it would be nice to get the recent history in more detail
to figure out, how was the bandwidth behaviour
( more like a sawtooth or is it looking like spikes or what)
Just the total Bandwidth is in question here.
The BW for each single DL is unimportant in that case.

Also a time scale on the bottom or top of the screen would be nice.

I know its all going in the memory and 4 hours of history times 3600 seconds per hour times maybe 2 readings per second is a lot for a small program. But as an optional thing, I would vote for.
by Guest on 2014/04/20 03:39:26 PM    
DL Bandwidth Limitation

I can limit Input/Output for Total, for each DL, for each single peer.
But what about I wanna limit the output(!) for all peers in a Dl to e.g. 20KB/s.
Sometimes it looks like the behaviour of Tixati is like that, that each peer
get about the equal amount. But sometimes one peer get 100 KB/s and anotherone get 10 KB/s. (I don't know, if that is a bug or what?)
In that case I manually limit the output for each and all peers to 20 KB/s and then higher to 30 KB/s and then 50 Kb/s. I found out, its more effective.
Would be nice to make that automatic, so that new connections are included.
I hope I made it clear.
by Pete on 2014/04/21 01:40:28 PM    
Outgoing limits work fine. For example: I have got 100kB/s upload bandwidth. Two peers connect, Tixati tries to divide 100kB/s evenly among them - 50kB/s each. If a peer "wants" only 10kB/s, Tixati sends that much. If another peer can receive more than 50kB/s, Tixati will increase outgoing bandwidth up to remaining 90kB/s, in order to maximize total upload. When later the first peer request more blocks, Tixati will balance outgoing bandwidth evenly - 50kB/s to each peer.
by Guest on 2014/04/22 08:09:31 AM    
There is "Remove" menu item in the context menu of torrents.
Please add "Remove all" to remove also torrent-file and created files/folders.
by Guest on 2014/06/14 11:28:43 AM    
It took me more than a month to track down the problem with the above mentioned
"DL bandwidth limitation" and Pete's answer.
(This is about one torrent running, not multiple DL.)

1.) The evenly distributed bandwidth, as Pete describe it,
works indeed perfectly fine, as long as I have the Output limit for
this specific file set to (for example) 100 Kb/s.
Then 10 connected peers get about 10 to 12 KBs each.

2.) As soon as I set the output limit to unlimited for this file,
and limit the total overall output to 500 Kbs, strange things happen.
Within a few seconds most peers have between 10 to 40 KBs,
but one peer goes to 400 KBs and that means, its no more evenly distributed.
One peer get 90 % of my bandwidth, the other 10 peers together have 10 %.

I can switch that behaviour on and off, just by setting the max output
for this file to 100 KBs, switch to unlimited, back to 100 KBs.......

I still think, its a bug.   Maybe I'm wrong?
by Sailor24 on 2014/06/15 03:05:44 PM    
You need to try one more thing. Right click on the 400 peer(in the peers tab) and then bandwidth and then outgoing limit . Set his to 100. Now what happens to the rest? It is possible those other are receiving their max already and the 400 is just grabbing all that is left. If the others don't increase that is likely what you are seeing.
If not start checking what client the bandwidth hog is using. There maybe a correlation there.
by Bugmagnet on 2014/06/15 10:58:15 PM    
Guest 14JUN

For BW allocation to work, the outgoing limits has to be well under your actual UL capacity. So if that setting is higher than what you can actually source, there will be no meaningful regulation.

What your actual UL BW is may be very different from the ISP plan you are subscribed to. Here, the "BW is not guaranteed" statement of the ISP becomes relevant. You will have to test for your actual outgoing limit and that of course will depend on the DL capability of the peers on the other end too.

To test, turn off the outgoing limit and watch the bandwidth graph. It will likely be very jagged, with sharp peaks and valleys. Note the general range, about in the middle of the highs and lows. Then calculate approximately 80% of that average. Use this figure as your outgoing limit.

For example...if the peaks are about 150 Kib/s and the valleys about 90 KiB/s, the average might be about 120 KiB/s. So set your UL BW limit to about 80% of that or 96-100 KiB/s.

With that you should see normal regulation.  If your UL bw setting is say 256 KiB/s, far above what your resources actually allow, regulation will not function.
by pippo1234 on 2014/06/23 05:32:41 PM    
1) Keyboard shortcuts (already mentioned by someone)
2) An alternative to IPfilter, let say White/Black list per torrent:
there you can put the users you agree to connect to - excluding everybody else - or the ones you really don't want to connect to

That feature will be very good when dealing with slow swarms and malicious users and you can't stay constantly at your PC to kick them out.
by Guest on 2014/06/24 08:36:24 AM    
I. Feature requests in Tixati:

1. Web seeding support.

2. Showing the software (torrent client) with which the torrent was created, and also date and time when the torrent was created in the "Torrent -> Details tab".

3. Embedded tracker support - needed for friend to friend file sharing, when you don't want to announce to any trackers for anonymity reasons.

4. Auto resize of the columns (when double-clicking on their borders), according to the characters (text and numbers) in the cells. This UI feature is already present in almost all torrent clients, so it will be good if Tixati finally implements it.

5. Support for HTTP 1.1 - makes connections much faster, especially downloading.

6. Custom Automatic Reannounce - announcing to trackers at custom set times.

'Custom Automatic Reannounce' means exactly what it says - to give the user the option to set Tixati to automatically reannounce at fixed periods, overriding the tracker's default announce time. This should be present both in the main 'Settings' window, and also in the Right-click options for the individual torrent tasks.

It should look something like this:

Main 'Settings' menu:

Settings -> Transfers -> Trackers -> Automatic Announce to Tracker
- Use the tracker's default announce time.
- Automatic announce time (minutes): 30 (standard) //Comment on mouse hover - "Recommended - between 28 and 40 minutes."

Torrent task 'Right-click menu':

Right-click torrent task -> Trackers
- Default announce time. (Default setting)
- Automatic announce time. //Uses the settings made in the Main 'Settings' menu.

This will be extremely useful for trackers that announce only once in 60 or 120 minutes (yes, such slow announcing trackers do exist).

By having a 'Custom Automatic Reannounce' feature you can set the Announce to trigger every 30 minutes, instead of having to wait 60 or 120 minutes (the default for some trackers). Thus finding and connecting to peers will be much easier and faster, and even if the connection between you and the peer brakes, the 'Automatic Announce' assures you that you will connect with him againg soon via the tracker.

It all depends on how it is implemented:
- There can be an option for a fixed reannounce, set to 30 minutes (custom set by the user).
- There can be an option for a random reannounce, for example - between 28 and 32 minutes (also custom set) - it will resemble manual reannounce.

Besides, if, purely hypothetically, trackers started monitoring the announce times, that would affect all custom reannounces, including the manual ones.
Also, constant monitoring will increase the tracker's load, so monitoring is not practical. You can turn off the function on trackers that are too paranoid.

What is more interesting is that if everyone announced at a different time, that would reduce the tracker's load!
So you're helping the tracker run faster, not slowing it.


First case - random reannounce:

Frank started a task (download or seeding) at 13:57:49 (hours:minutes:seconds). His client announces every 28-32 minutes. The tracker will reannounce between 14:25:49 and 14:29:49.
Jina started a task (download or seeding) at 14:18:27. Her client announces every 28-32 minutes. The tracker will reannounce between 14:46:27 and 14:50:27.

As you can see, with the 'random' reannounce, the tracker announces at different times.

Second case - fixed reannounce:

Frank started a task (download or seeding) at 13:57:49 (hours:minutes:seconds). His client announces every 30 minutes. The tracker will reannounce at 14:27:49.
Jina started a task (download or seeding) at 14:18:27. Her client announces every 30 minutes. The tracker will reannounce at 14:48:27.

As you can see, even with the 'fixed' reannounce, the tracker still announces at different times, because tasks almost always get started at different times by different users.

//End of example.

II. Fixes:

1. Stability issues - when doing multiple tasks with other programs and browser - Tixati often stops responding, slowing the whole system down.
I have to manually end Tixati from the Task manager. :'( I haven't had such an issue with any other torrent client.
I really need this fixed since I plan to move from uTorrent to Tixati.

2. Recognizing files independantly from folder name, like uTorrent does, for easier seeding.
In uTorrent you only need the files and their appropriate file names to be like the original torrent, in order to seed.
In Tixati, besides the files and file names, the folder in which they are also must have the same name as the original torrent, which is a setback.


Original folder name, original files (Tixati is able to seed the torrent):

Friend pictures //folder
- Ralph.jpg //file
- Mary.jpg //file

Modified folder name, original files (Tixati is not able to seed the torrent, despite the files are the original ones):

Pics //folder
- Ralph.jpg //file
- Mary.jpg //file

//End of example

3. More effective RAM management. I've had cases when Tixati takes up to 125 MB of memory when fully loaded... That is a lot for a download/upload program.

Thanks in advance!

by Pete on 2014/06/24 07:02:09 PM    
2. Recognizing files independantly from folder name
Tixati does that. You can change a torrent name (Rename function), that changes torrent folder name. You can even rename each file and put in a different folder, if you'd like.
by John on 2014/06/28 05:37:48 PM    
I'm eagerly anticipating the new faster and more stable version.

Keep up the good work, Kevin. :-}


by John on 2014/06/29 10:10:42 PM    
Feature requests in Tixati (continuing from my preious post in this thread - Guest on Tue, 24 Jun 2014 06:36:24 GMT):

7. Support for Proxies and VPNs using HTTP 1.1 - makes connections much faster, both downloading and uploading. This is like proposition No. 5, but with special Proxy/VPN support.
by rezad on 2014/06/30 09:18:59 PM    
i see the very needed ability of webseeds is not in tixati.?
this feature is not very new and implemented in any other linux torrent client i have tested but they don't have the features of tixati that i love.
tixati is lacking in very few areas but this feature(web seeds) is very fundamental and very practical for file distribution in internet.
is there any hope of adding this ?
by Guest on 2014/07/02 12:36:48 AM    
I'd like to see a "slow mode" button that will throttle all the active torrents to a certain limit during times when I want to use bandwidth for other things temporarily.
by Pete on 2014/07/03 10:08:34 AM    
"slow mode"
You can do this by yourself. Add two bandwidth presets "normal" and "slow" with different incoming and outgoing limits. Switch presets on bandwidth screen or from tray icon menu.
by John on 2014/07/06 07:30:20 PM    
How is the development progress going? Any news?

Hope everything is smooth.


by Guest on 2014/07/07 07:27:19 PM    
A better watch folder implementation is needed, often when i dump more than 1 .torrent files over file share (smb/cifs) tixati doesn't pick up all the files.
Other times when I add a lot of .torrent files to the watch folder, Tixati somehow double adds them, with the first adding working and the other one just complaining it can't find the .torrent file in question.
by TheArkive on 2014/07/07 10:26:11 PM    
I'd like to add 2 ideas to the list.

1) When renaming a torrent, check in the folder where .torrent files are saved (if specified - Settings > Transfers > Meta-Info) and rename that torrent accordingly.  In addition, modify the .torrent file (if possible) to include the new torrent/folder name so when it is reloaded it will still be named the same.

2) When reloading a torrent, look in the folder where complete torrents are located (if specified - Settings > Transfers > Local Files) in addition to the specified download folder.

Currently, but not too often, I need to reload all my torrents.  When that happens I have to move many GB to the download folder in order to reload the torrents.  In addition, some torrents aren't named very well so I rename them in order to keep them organized (on the torrent list screen, and on my HDDs) and that causes problems when reloading as well.  I've managed to get used to renaming a torrent then re-saving it, but that's a little more of a pain because (last time I checked) the torrent will reload and look in the original folder name, not the new one.

I know that in order to load the correct hash the actual file names (for the most part) can't change, otherwise it may look like a totally different torrent.  Is there a way to implement this function so that when saving the new .torrent name it includes some info for an alternate folder location?  Or maybe this can be a secondary file to store the original hash and the alternate folder location?

This would be helpful when either doing a complete system wipe and reset, or to simply (again in rare cases) reload a single torrent and not need to revert to the original torrent/folder name.

Just a thought :-)  Even without these features Tixati is the best torrent program I've ever used!
by Sailor24 on 2014/07/09 11:12:54 AM    
I know you are asking for it auto but..... Once you rename the torrent simply ask it to save the .torrent file and it will have the new name. You will have to delete the original but....
There are auto backup proggies, that is what they are for. Have one backup the Tixati directory and only that. You can back it up everyday or every minute and then you can restore from this and never have to reload your torrents.
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