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hope to add a new function

by Guest on 2021/07/16 10:24:25 AM    
I hope to add a new function like bitcomet that can update traker from url(several) automaticly,it is important for users.thank you very much.
by Guest on 2021/07/18 06:24:44 AM    
This isn't exactly what you asked for but it's a feature that's already part of Tixati. It's something to consider.

Settings -> Transfers -> Trackers -> Individual tracker options (Edit) -> Add to new.

The trackers listed in there will be automatically added to any new torrents.
by Guest on 2021/07/18 05:38:26 PM    
Is not it he want, he want a feature to use a tracker list link which autoupdate trackers, like the ones you can get from github.

Look other resquests:

And more...
by Guest on 2021/07/20 05:49:23 PM    
In an ideal world people would use a local retracker server that would allow this along with very fine tuning and more.
by Guest on 2021/07/21 03:40:23 PM    
what the heck?you say this feature have been required long time ago?why dont they  feel like adding it can make this bt-client much more convenient and better???

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