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Auto Rename Titles

by Guest on 2020/12/30 01:35:17 PM    
I want to suggest a feature to auto rename torrents, files and folders titles, so, you can create rules to remove or modify parts of titles, with three tabs, one tab for each rule type. I think the follow features:

Feature to

- blacklist/remove texts, words, pontuations and phrases

- to replace texts, words, pontuations and phrases

- to replace texts, words, pontuations and phrases with a space

- to remove duplicated spaces

- support to wildcard like * and ?

This features is useful to remove the trash from titles keeping it short, simple and clean, to custumize titles for your personal needs and also very important to avoid abuses in titles, like very long titles, and excess in ads


Some examples of abuse in titles

Look the lenght of this torrent title, and the long Ad URL in the front, in my country this is very, very common

(magnetlink removed by mod and sent to devs)

This other besides the very long torrent title, also have very long file names, I cant open this file in an Win XP machine, this way, I needed to rename the title manualy to open it, I had this issue many times.

(magnetlink removed by mod and sent to devs)

Thanks so much
by Guest on 2020/12/30 02:01:27 PM    
I forget one thing... Sorry

- process the titles when you add the torrent not after the download

- a function to limit (trim) title lenght, based in number of words

(Note: Admin, if you want put this text in the list of the post above, thank you and happy new year!)
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