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[Feature Request] Renaming multiple selected files

by jHAStix on 2021/04/20 07:15:00 AM    
Downloading discographies (or any other file) that have different naming patterns is a hassle and things only get worse have your own organization.
My request is that when the user has selected multiple files and presses F2, a simple textbox shows up, in which every line represents a file.
If by any chance you ever used Everything's Multiple rename feature, that's very similar:
No need for RegEx support since, I assume, the majority of users that would need this feature already have an external text editor with such capabilities. You'd just copy the file list, edit it externally, then paste it back, Tixati renames the files and the user can keep on seeding.
by Guest on 2021/04/20 12:15:24 PM    
Yes, I support this idea, need some others fuctions, like to limit names size, and to remove ilegal characters, I use Tixati also in some Win XP machines, and sometimes I download big torrents with thousands of files, and sometimes the files and folders names is very long, and XP cant handle it, so files look like corrupted in windows explorer and others file managers softwares, other issue is when have files or folders names in Russian for instance, my XP machines cant accept Russian characters and show as files as corrupted, I cant even rename files using Explorer, so I need to rename the file one by one using Tixati UI, is a nightmare, would be a dream have automated way to trim and remove ilegal characters, I make a suggestion about it in the past but with others functions as well, look:

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