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Tixati is (falsely) registering as a Trojan

by CarLou on 2020/08/21 10:17:43 AM    
Hi, I am a new user and I did read some of the threads that discussed Malwarebytes blocking Tixati because of malware.
My issue is Malwarebytes is telling me the Tixati.exe has a trojan imbedded. I do want to believe that Tixati is virus etc free but how do I know that it is?
Also, I do want to include it in the exceptions list but very wary to do so. Any advice?
by Guest on 2020/08/22 04:45:43 AM    
What is calling the Tixati a trojan and which trojan?
by Guest on 2020/09/14 08:27:18 AM    
Hi, Apologies for a really slow reply!
So, the following information should help. Pity I couldn't attach a screen capture file!

File: Tixati.exe
IP Address: x.x.x.x
Category: Fraud
Type: Outbound Connection
Port: 6881

I hope this clarifies the issue.
Thank you!
by Guest on 2020/09/14 08:28:44 AM    
Also, I forgot to mention.... it is Malwarebytes blocking Tixati.
by Jungo on 2020/09/14 02:22:00 PM    
To me it looks like Malwarebytes is just detecting a transfer that you are seeding with some blacklisted IP
by Guest on 2020/09/16 01:42:19 PM    
This is False Positive, just scan Tixati in Virus Total and is done!
by Guest on 2020/09/23 12:42:39 AM    
So, the saga continues! I decided to allow it through Malwarebytes & the next day my PC behaved exactly like it was heavily infested with virus.
Malwarebytes wouldn't scan, so I downloaded Kaspersky Virus scan & after 7.30hrs, I decided that it was not working either. I then decided to use RevoUninstaller to uninstall Tixati, which didnt work either but I was able to remove Tixati through windows uninstall....go figure! I then scanned using Kaspersky Cloud, which finally worked & found no infection. The next day my PC is behaving itself & Malwarebytes is working perfectly again, so I decided to give Tixati another go....reinstalled it & unfortunately it wont download anything, while blocking the internet connection at the same time. Then Malwarebytes pops up again & tells me Tixati is a Trojan, again!
I did try the guest suggestion & ran it through VirusTotal, of course it came up clean, but it doesnt fix my problem with tixati blocking my internet connection & not downloading & showing up as a trojan.
Any other suggestions before I ditch Tixati & go back to a different easier functioning P2P software??
by Pete on 2020/09/24 04:31:56 PM    
I think this is more a problem with Malwarebytes than Tixati. I'd remove Malwarebytes and try again. Where did you get the Tixati installer from?

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