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Tixati is (falsely) registering as a Trojan

by CarLou on 2020/08/21 10:17:43 AM    
Hi, I am a new user and I did read some of the threads that discussed Malwarebytes blocking Tixati because of malware.
My issue is Malwarebytes is telling me the Tixati.exe has a trojan imbedded. I do want to believe that Tixati is virus etc free but how do I know that it is?
Also, I do want to include it in the exceptions list but very wary to do so. Any advice?
by Guest on 2020/08/22 04:45:43 AM    
What is calling the Tixati a trojan and which trojan?
by Guest on 2020/09/14 08:27:18 AM    
Hi, Apologies for a really slow reply!
So, the following information should help. Pity I couldn't attach a screen capture file!

File: Tixati.exe
IP Address: x.x.x.x
Category: Fraud
Type: Outbound Connection
Port: 6881

I hope this clarifies the issue.
Thank you!
by Guest on 2020/09/14 08:28:44 AM    
Also, I forgot to mention.... it is Malwarebytes blocking Tixati.
by Jungo on 2020/09/14 02:22:00 PM    
To me it looks like Malwarebytes is just detecting a transfer that you are seeding with some blacklisted IP
by Guest on 2020/09/16 01:42:19 PM    
This is False Positive, just scan Tixati in Virus Total and is done!
by Guest on 2020/09/23 12:42:39 AM    
So, the saga continues! I decided to allow it through Malwarebytes & the next day my PC behaved exactly like it was heavily infested with virus.
Malwarebytes wouldn't scan, so I downloaded Kaspersky Virus scan & after 7.30hrs, I decided that it was not working either. I then decided to use RevoUninstaller to uninstall Tixati, which didnt work either but I was able to remove Tixati through windows uninstall....go figure! I then scanned using Kaspersky Cloud, which finally worked & found no infection. The next day my PC is behaving itself & Malwarebytes is working perfectly again, so I decided to give Tixati another go....reinstalled it & unfortunately it wont download anything, while blocking the internet connection at the same time. Then Malwarebytes pops up again & tells me Tixati is a Trojan, again!
I did try the guest suggestion & ran it through VirusTotal, of course it came up clean, but it doesnt fix my problem with tixati blocking my internet connection & not downloading & showing up as a trojan.
Any other suggestions before I ditch Tixati & go back to a different easier functioning P2P software??
by Pete on 2020/09/24 04:31:56 PM    
I think this is more a problem with Malwarebytes than Tixati. I'd remove Malwarebytes and try again. Where did you get the Tixati installer from?
by Guest on 2021/01/06 01:35:33 PM    
Hi,  I too have been getting insane slow downs while running Tixati.  I also just noticed Malwarebytes was blocking outgoing connections from Tixati.  

I believe the slow down is some sort of conflict between Malwarebytes(MB) and Tixati,  MB is probably scanning all the connections happening through Tixati and causing the slow down.  I've been running Tixati for weeks now and only just installed MB to check up on my systems. This is when the slowdowns happened.

Tixati is not infected or a virus I believe it to be some sort of conflict.  I'm removing MB for now to see if there are any more slowdowns.

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