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by Guest on 2023/04/13 05:29:52 PM    
Hello, I get these reports from Malwarebytes. I think this one was on Windows startup, when tixati wasn't even started (it doesn't automatically start).
Any ideas?
by notaLamer on 2023/04/14 05:14:09 PM    
Please have more descriptive topic titles.
These are false-positives because Malwarebytes thinks Tixati would act like a web browser and access unsafe websites. Bittorrent clients have no such concept as 'malware infested websites' because all they do is download the content you requested from any peer on the internet who has a piece to share. To repeat: web browsers/users can be plausibly exploited by going to bad websites, bittorrent clients can't.

Whitelist Tixati and ask MalwareBytes about their triggering on Bittorent Clients

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