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Settings for 10 Gbit/s connection on SSD M2 please

by Guest on 2020/04/28 11:45:36 PM    

Please help me.

By following the official tutorial of the site I can only share two torrents in same time out of 20 completed and the speed by torrent is only 20-90 K
I configured my connection in Tixati for 267 MB/s for in and 205 MB/ for out with speed test.
What do you recommend in setting for 15-20 uploads in same time with max upload speed per torrent please?
And it’s possible to see the live upload speed en MB/s like other Torrents clients?
Sorry for my English I’m from Switzerland.

Best regards.
by Guest on 2020/04/29 03:03:43 PM    

Up Up please
by notaLamer on 2020/04/30 11:06:08 AM    
I don't see where the problem is. Increase all limits (total simultaneous downloads & uploads, increase amount of peers per torrent). I'm seeding 350 torrents out of 600 at the same time. On a gigabit connection either I can't find enough peers to seed to or they max out my storage system (20MB/s from a single HDD) and it stops there. You will need TERABYTES of storage on very active torrents to max out 10GBit/s.

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