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Moving / Dragging Windows Abnormally Slow since a Few Months Ago

by SimArchitect on 2019/10/04 09:44:26 AM    
I have a pretty decent combination of processor (Intel 8700K) and graphics (GTX 1080), but for some reason since a few months ago whenever I try to drag the window around it lags terribly as if I were moving a window showing its contents on Windows 3.11 using a 386 computer, which means something must be wrong but I can't figure out what.

Is that a glitch or anything that I can fix myself?


Sim Architect
by parasocks on 2019/10/04 02:31:30 PM    
Same thing happens here. Very fast computer, it just looks like it's doing a lot of tiny little updates and can't keep up when dragging the window.
by Guest on 2019/10/11 10:23:20 PM    
what OS and what versions of tixati has this been happening on?

what window is focused when you are moving/dragging the window around?

does it happen for any/all windows?

how many torrents are loaded and how many are running?

do you have any channels running?

try running the diagnostics cpu graph found in the layout menu. now move the window around and see what the graph looks like.

now run the graph for whatever section was most affected in the cpu graph.

post links to those pics here.
by Guest on 2019/10/12 05:41:49 AM    
I also reported months ago, that the UI of tixati becomes very laggy after some days of uptime. It also starts up slower and slower, until the whole computer is restarted.
This is the same effect.
There is no answer ever since... so i assume the developers dont know whats the problem.
by Guest on 2019/10/25 06:37:02 AM    
I too have a beefy PC and have tried running only Tixati, then tried say a browser open or Netflix and even a game running at the same time. Every scenario still drags slow. Its not a huge issue as mostly run minimized and ope once something has completed. Everything else is great even minimizing and maximizing, its only when dragging. So it feels like a bug. Also tried with NO downloads and with 3 or even 20 same result. Happened around update 2.63 possibly slightly earlier maybe 2.62 but cant remember back that far really, again not huge issue BUT as others are having it on beefy systems (mine is) I thought i'd post for clarity.

Have been using Tixati for ages, its the one I trust the most. That wont stop even if this particular issue is not fixed. As its NOT a huge problem.

(of course running Win10). A fan of XP/7 BUT I think its a great OS.

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