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found bug that makes downloads 10x slower, easy workaround

by Guest on 2018/04/18 07:57:35 AM    
I found this serious tixati bug which causes slow downloads on tixati2.57 on win10-64, but I also found an easy workaround.

to replicate the bug: start tixati portable, go to the bandwidth screen and set an upload limit and dont enable a download limit. go to the transfers screen and start some downloads. notice the download speed. now go to the bandwidth screen and without changing anything notice the download speed, it will immediatelly go higher than it was when you were in the transfers screen. go back to the transfers screen and you will see the download speed immediately going very slowly. repeat ad nauseam, whenever you go to the transfers screen your downloads will be slow and the moment you switch to the bandwidth screen your downloads will go fast and stay fast as long as you stay on the bandwidth screen. if you set a download limit in the bandwidth screen the behaviour will be the same, your downloads will only reach the highest possible speed only if you are in the bandwidth screen and whenever you switch to the transfers screen your downloads will go as slow as molasses.

easy workaround: when you download just stay on the bandwidth screen, dont go to the transfers screen.

speeds witnessed: with the same torrents, on the transfer screen they download at 150-200kB/s, the moment I switch to the bandwidth screen the torrents immediately increase their download speed and reach 2000-2200KB/s which is about the max of my connection. this is more than 10x difference, and maybe the difference could be even higher if i had a faster connection.

i also tested doing ftp/http downloads outside tixati while being in the transfers screen in tixati to make sure the issue is not related to my connection. never had a problem with ftp/http downloads outside tixati so the problem is not related to my connection. it is indeed a tixati bug. i can repeat this behaviour anytime i switch between the transfers and bandwidth screens.
by Guest on 2019/01/22 09:19:24 PM    
Same Here version 2.58

i thought i was going crazy and im so glad i found this from googling after i noticed.

~1000k when on transfers window then when i switch to bandwidth window ~3000k after a few seconds.

if i switch back it goes back down after a few seconds.
by Guest on 2019/01/26 12:13:39 PM    
I had no idea this was even a problem as I have gigabit net. I was amazed to find the same results myself. My downloads almost triple in speed or more if I leave it on the bandwidth window, and then slow down a great deal in short order when on the transfers screen. I had no idea Tixati was doing this all this time.
by Guest on 2019/01/26 09:16:53 PM    
what OS?

is the transfers tab the only tab that makes the speed go down?

press the help button and go to diagnostics->CPU Usage, choose all and see what area is affected when you go back and forth between tabs. then run the graph for that specific area and report back what numbers are affected.
by Guest on 2019/02/04 11:10:14 PM    
some Windows Update tanked GDI performance to Windows 3 levels. Maybe it might be that if the problem did not happen on Win10 1607.

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