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Problem: Torrents stay at "Scanning 0%" on launch of Tixati

by DashKiller on 2020/01/28 09:47:12 AM    
After I boot up Windows and run Tixati it always stays on "Scanning 0%", the solution is to restart Tixati, then it will successfully scan the files and start seeding.

Is this a bug with Tixati or is my Windows broken?
by DeadheadDaisy on 2020/03/07 02:16:39 AM    
I have a similar problem, except that restarting doesn't solve the issue. I uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled the latest version (2.71), deleted all the files that were stuck and did a new search on them, no luck.

Thought it might be my firewall and VPN, but it's working on my other machine that's on the same network with the same firewall and VPN.

I can see traffic going in and out, but the downloads themselves (and the seeds) don't have any movement.

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