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Numerous torrents stalled "Scanning 0%"

by Bugmagnet on 2017/03/26 06:21:56 PM    
win7 pro 64 v2.53

I created a new torrent but it never went live. The "Progress" column stuck at "Scanning 0%". After closing and restarting Tixati, this changed to "Waiting to Check..."

I then examined other torrents and found a couple dozen in this same state. No progress was seen on any of them.

I have 1 offline file reporting "Need to Check" and when I did "Force Check" on it, it too changed to "Scanning 0%"

Another thing...CPUsage is running 27%+ (16% kernel).  After reducing the number of active torrents, I had this down to about 12% but the last several days I noticed it higher than I ever recall. Previous high was always under 25% on my 4-core CPU.

Any ideas on what locked up the scanning process??
by Bugmagnet on 2017/03/26 09:22:28 PM    
I found the culprit but don't know what the problem is.

I isolated it to 1 torrent that contains a single zip file. With it offline, the Tixati CPUsage is 10%. When I started that torrent, it locked at "scanning 0%" and the CPUsage soared to over 26%.
by Bugmagnet on 2017/03/26 10:42:07 PM    
further testing

The torrent had apparently completed earlier was in my FINished folder. The torrent showed a 2.5:1 share ratio

The was xxx,141 KB. I moved it to my IN folder.

I noticed that when I moused over the file in Tixati, the location/filename was alternating between and but the latter was not present

i renamed in explorer (not tixati) so it would not be related to the torrent. I then started the torrent and it didn't see any existing related file, it created an empty but with a different file size, xxx,188 KB

I unzipped the original and it appeared most of the content was intact and usable. But the fresh file created was larger so I assume that the original had been corrupted, but that didn't seem to bother winrar from unzipping it.

With the newly created incomplete file for the torrent started, Tixati CPUsage is under 9%.

Those issues solved, but there are no seeds to complete this now.
by Guest on 2017/03/28 01:16:37 AM    
send that torrent to the devs.

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