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Slow or stuck scanning, frozen program that will not respond.

by Sailor24 on 2014/08/13 07:37:43 PM    
There have been a ton of posts with these symptoms. I think I have one thing that causes it. Bad sectors on the disc will cause Tixati to behave badly. I created some bad sectors while doing an undelete on one of my drives. Tixati started freezing shortly after. Windows scan disc did not find or repair the bad sectors, but my drive manufacturer had a disc utility. It worked and now things are fine. Don't think windows scan disc works very well on outdrives.
If you are torrenting from multi drives and you run into these symptoms, I would look at my drives and run the program on my maindrive only and see if the problem goes away.
by Sailor24 on 2014/08/16 10:03:44 AM    
Replying to myself, better not be the same as talking to myself? I did a little more messing with this as I thought things were slower or hanging when I got things fixed. Sure enough there was some hanging and I think it was because the drive was too full. It had less than 10% free space left.
To make this shorter I moved files and somewhere between 10% and 15% free space Tixati (windows too) stopped any sluggish behavior.
I had 300 GB of free space so I never thought.... clearly one should pay more attention to the % free rather than the GB free.

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