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[Feature Request] Option to manually blacklist clients.
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by ZarkBit on 2020/01/16 06:34:45 PM    
Lately I've been seeing some clients such as Xunlei and Xunlei Thunder (XL0012), and there are probably more that are unknown to me, is it possible to add something that would allow us to manually blacklist clients?

These managers are made to download only, they contribute nothing to the swarm.
by ZarkBit on 2020/01/17 10:40:19 AM    
Why were the other clients removed from my post? FD51 and BN0001?
by Guest on 2020/01/17 02:19:47 PM    
but if implemented this feature you save the swarm, but you can hurt the torrential diversity (is like sexual diversity), it hurt torrentians freedom, is not politically correct. :D kkk
by ZarkBit on 2020/01/18 07:45:14 AM    
Hurt diversity? When these clients don't even have the ability of seeding back? They are just leeching clients. "Torrentians" as you call us, survive and are able to get what we're able to get because someone else is on the other side giving back.
by Guest on 2020/01/18 04:13:02 PM    
Dear ZarkBit, I want ask you, for instance when I have an MMA event torrent with an video file of 10gb, and I want just the last 2gb (last fight), and all torrent clients available force me download 10gb to use just 2gb, you know what I do? I download 10gb, forced, hours and hours, I watch, and I delete imediately, I can't seed it, why? I'm egoist? NOPE, is because I have a slow internet and small HD, so I ask you, the swarm want help me in something? NOPE. The clients want help me? NOPE! If the client allow I download just the part of my interest I would seed this part a good time to help the swarm, but swarm and clients help me? NO! So, whats better a partial seed or any seed? Have a lot of MMA events with any seed, completely dead, or with 1 seed, why? Why anyone want be forced to do anything, and is not only me which haven't internet and HD to seed many torrents of 10gb. So in the end I honestly think which have a lot of more important features to implement to help the "swarm" like an "partial file download" than this "client blacklist" you suggest. For instance I posted about this case I said above, and anyone, anyone, including you, posted an reply, at least one reply! Who want help me? Anyone! Is sad but in the end the "swarm" as you call the humans is egoist and hypocrite! So I want a very long life to all this leecher clients you said about! Thanks so much! Cheers!

My post, without any reply of my swarm good friends:
by ZarkBit on 2020/01/19 12:23:25 PM    
If you have a 10GB file then you HAVE to download that 10GB file, OR you can find another source with separate files, don't come here mixing your personal issues with something that has no relation whatsoever.

And FYI, by making that available for you with seeds at no cost, they are helping you, but you're just too stupid and ungrateful to realize that.
by Guest on 2020/01/19 04:26:50 PM    
ZarkBit, sorry if I was offensive wasn't my objective.

You said to me: YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD 10gb, or take others sources!

But what others sources? All other sources in this case is the same thing, all with a big file, any have files separately. You say as an person with have an different reality than me, if I have other sources options I could use it, but if not? You find cool I need burn days to download an big file if I could just download partially in some hours? What I tried to say is which the "swarm" and "client developers" many times forget which have many, many, torrent users which other reality, which is poor and have very slow internet, not by option! You can ask what it is related with my post? Is completely related. Why have this "problematic" clients you said about? Because some injustices in the "swarm", is some of the causes in my opnion. Is an collateral effect.

Just to close, you said in your post which you want block the client FD51, this client I know, is an excellent open source software called Free Download Manager, and this client MAKE SEED, absolutely, FD51 have all the features to seed, including UNLIMITED SEED. So you want block this client automatically? :D To me it is an big INJUSTICE!  

(admin please keep the FDM software name, is not promotion)
by ZarkBit on 2020/01/21 07:56:46 AM    
Didn't knew FD had that as a plug in, my point still stands, there are clients that are made only to download, so gtfo with your personal issue and learn to read, I asked for a manual blacklist option.
by Guest on 2020/01/22 07:23:48 PM    
Providing a client string is voluntary, banning based on it is not an effective solution.
The only reliable solution would be if Tixati checked the percentage reported by the peer. If the percentage is clearly off from the expected (example stays 0% or is 99% but the bad peer downloads much more data from us which is not re-transmission), Tixati could ask back few pieces it knows it has sent, or statistically for some other random pieces, and choke the peer based on bad trade behavior.
For example the chance of a good client reporting 95% and not being able to share back any of 4 randomly asked pieces is very small. In the worst case we wasted a piece worth of bandwidth with a good peer.

However I don't see chocking these peers a good solution, since the majority of users just don't know the technical details. Limiting their access to torrents might turn them away from the Bittorrent technology alltogether.
I would rather recommend assigning badly behaving peers ultra low speed priority while making Tixati and Tixati's website available in the target audience's own language: Chinese. Remember, the client behaves badly, not the user.
by janet on 2020/02/13 09:22:58 PM    
Client filters have been added to Tixati v2.67 in the Settings->Transfers->Peers.
by Guest on 2020/02/14 08:35:37 AM    
Zarkbit, congratulations your suggestion was heard, this was a good suggestion, now just need an list of know "bad clients IDs".
by Pete on 2020/02/16 09:40:32 AM    
Thanks for this feature!
by ZarkBit on 2020/02/16 08:55:45 PM    
Thank you.
by Guest on 2020/02/17 04:33:32 PM    
Now I can block all vuze, qbitorent and transmision clients, I never liked this clients, thanks devs to allow I do it.
by Guest on 2020/02/19 03:16:12 PM    
Yes, I'm blocking all libtorrent based clients as qbitorrent, because libtorrent when have many seeds, automatically download sequentially and this can be bad to the swarm as I read in this article  .

Then now all libtorrent clients can be auto blocked here.
by Pete on 2020/02/19 04:14:58 PM    
Remember, this feature blocks connections, so it works both ways. Tixati won't send data to blocked clients but it will not download either. Blocking too many clients will result in slower downloads. By overusing it you may not be able to complete a download.
by Guest on 2020/02/19 07:44:43 PM    
Hi Peter, think just in complete my downloads is something selfish, the swarm health in the first place, not me, not my downloads. If a client have any kind of automatic sequential download, need be blocked, because this client is selfish! And this blocking feature is awesome is the power in my hands! I download thousands and thousands of torrents every day, and this bad "sequential" clients can't connect with me no more! Pete please read this great and fine article, and you can see and know the truth!
by ZarkBit on 2020/02/19 07:48:32 PM    
Ignore him/her Pete, that's just someone that needs to get his/hers priorities straight.
by Guest on 2020/02/21 01:11:26 AM    
Has anyone used it to block Xunlei? Xunlei is a known leecher client that only seeds back to other Xunlei users. It also falsely reports its download progress.

Wouldn't it be "*-XL-*"  ?

update: It's "-XL*" and/or "-XL0012-*" if you want to block a certain version.

list of peer ids:
by ZarkBit on 2020/02/21 06:13:45 AM    
I added *XL0012* so far seems to be blocking them without affecting other clients. I'm currently monitoring client ID's to see any changes on client versions.
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