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Option to set start point per file

by Guest on 2019/12/30 06:09:23 AM    
I want ask an new context menu entry on files tab, to set the start point to download, for example many times you download an MMA Fight event and have 4 fights and 4 gb in just one mp4, but you want just the last fight, so with this new feature I can set to download just the last 40% of the file or the last 600 mb.
by Guest on 2020/01/14 04:22:19 PM    
Can be fine an option to set the Start Point and the End Point per file. Many times MMA events have 8-10gb or more, just the main event, I can't seed it, if have an option to download just partially I CAN seed this part for an good time, but 10gb? My HD is small, so I download and after watch, I delete, I can't seed it, sometimes the people think which forcing you to do something can help but it in reality just make things worse. What is better an partial seed or any seed?
by Guest on 2020/01/22 01:52:41 PM    
Option 1) Download the whole thing, cut it up with a video editor (one line in ffmpeg or 4 clicks in avidemux, and few seconds only because you don't need to re-encode) then share the fight you want to share by creating another torrent.
Option 2) You could just download a torrent that has multiple files and select the one you want. If there is none like that, go with Option 1.
Option 3) Maybe check current storage prices. Hard drives don't cost more than 0.05 USD per GB even in countries which have "empty storage media tax".

option to set the Start Point and the End Point per file.
You are better off with Option 1. Try to cut your video file with a hex editor or learn about file format specifications and you will understand why.
by Guest on 2020/01/22 05:39:36 PM    
ZarkBit, thanks so much your reply in my post, your presence is important here, thanks all your suggestions and effort to help me! But the objective here is not slice the videos in parts after the download, but BEFORE the download, because the objective is mainly "cut" the download time, to avoid DAYS of download using an very slow internet of an poor user from an interior city of an third world country (this condition isn't my choice :D buy more HDs or an better internet is not an option here), so downloading partially you can download in 1/4 or 1/5 of the total time. Anyway thanks your reply, I'm very happy which my post have at least one reply now. :D But to be honest I don't know why I post this feature suggestions, anyone care about my poverty and needs, I know which the chance of this be implemented is more or less 0,0001% :( but I try anyway, I have some faith, but this can be my last suggestion here :(. Thanks again beloved ZarkBit, and good luck with you suggestion of the "clients blacklist", was an good suggestion! :D

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