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Urgent Extremely (Common) Repeated Requests, Please!

by Guest on 2019/12/07 10:44:26 AM    
Have a lot of open issues in the forum related to add an setting to "Keep original folders structure" when adding new torrent and a lot of requests about "automatic sequential, ordered and prioritize back and first piece", need at least an "easy to use UI" for this streaming features. Another user suggested an very good "whitelist for back and first piece" in another post, other user posted an idea to add new buttons in new torrent prompt, buttons like "Sequential" and "Ordered", to keep it manual but easy to use when needed. In this days streaming related features isn't optional is ESSENTIAL, it is and unavoidable tendency, see Utorrent example, Utorrent today is completely about streaming, and the new Utorrent Web is just to streaming! Utorrent is the bit torrent base man! How to close the eyes to it?!

(Moderator please keep my words as I writed this time, please do not delete the  Utorrent words, because so the topic had any sense.) :-)

Developer please add this features, because have a lot of demand and requests.

1 - Setting to keep original folders structure

2 - Whitelist to prioritize back and first piece per extension (media extensions) or just an setting to keep it enabled by default

3 - New buttons in new torrent prompt "Sequential" and "Ordered", buttons like the "Select All" button, to avoid the annoying of context menu.

Please developer hear your community needs with humble! And I ask to community please to concentrate all requests about this matters in this topic to avoid

by Raging_Flames on 2019/12/08 12:48:07 AM    
I'm personally against adding a "Sequential" button. If you add a button that is easy to use, people will use it, and while that might not seem like a problem it is. The people who make transmission made a pretty good blog post about why transmission doesn't have that feature. The way torrents work, having sequential download enabled hurts the health of the torrent. Having something like this hidden away from normal users behind menus is for the best in my opinion.
by Guest on 2019/12/08 08:37:04 AM    
See this topic  , even in context menu this user enable the features for all downloads, don't have buttons do not solve the problem, and about hurt the network is just theory, because almost all times the user use it on movies with a lot of seeds, if it realy hurt why Utorrent have it to be enabled by default? Utorrent is 99% of the client market share, and the network is alive! And you is against but have a lot of users which want it, see forum history. And Tixati don't have even 2% of the client market share, so, the tixati users can't hurt anything, almost all time I'm download I'm the only one using tixati in this download, so if one day tixati get 40% of market share, so, developer can remove the button! :D
by Guest on 2019/12/08 10:38:39 AM    
I use tixati to download isos and softwares, and to download media I use Utorrent because of automatic sequential settings, my friend use tixati to download isos and softwares and Deluge to download media because this client have automatic sequential plugins. Is annoying have to use two clients! I think sequential can really help than hurt the swarm, because you can preview fake and low quality media files like hdcam movies, fake blurays, and stop download and share it quickly. Many, many, many, hundreds of times I downloaded movies or series with description saying blueray and after is just HDCAM, then I have to delete it without watching, and all the time and bandwidth go to the trash, it really can help users and the swarm?
by notaLamer on 2019/12/12 07:53:00 PM    
If automatic sequential is ever added, I think it should be conditional based on the number of available seeds. For example it would only download seq. if there are over 5,10,x seeds available.
by Guest on 2019/12/13 02:23:51 PM    
Yes, it was suggest in this old topic "  " also can limit this feature to just use auto sequential with media extensions like mp4, mkv. Or just keep it manual with easy to use buttons as suggested in this topic. With a lot of seeds what can hurt swarm? Is pure ignorance!
by Guest on 2019/12/19 07:24:01 AM    
I agree with addition of this new features, new buttons sequential and ordered, whitelist to first last piece, keep folders structure

by Guest on 2019/12/22 05:06:42 PM    
all this features is awesome and needed, but to TIXATI is just dream
by Guest on 2019/12/26 09:02:49 AM    
To me, with few seeds one or two, but just one peer, no problems with auto sequential, would use other conditions like download sequential up to 50% and after disable. The setting to prioritize back and front pieces for all downloads is inoffensive, in present days is like an standard, almost all clients. I agree, this requests is very common and have many years without any innovation just new bugs and after bugfixes, is frustrating and tiring. Just my 50 cent.
by Pete on 2020/01/01 12:17:57 PM    
1 - Setting to keep original folders structure

I don't understand why this option is requested. Tixati keeps original catalog structure by default.
by Guest on 2020/01/05 08:08:32 AM    
I don't understand why this option is requested. Tixati keeps original catalog structure by default.
Not sure about you but for me Tixati used to place files in a folder named after the torrent name, it no longer does this for me after like 2.68 or something like that, whatever version auto selecting files was introduced in, now it just puts it in the general download folder.

Downloads -> Torrent Name -> Torrent Name.extension
Downloads -> Torrent Name.extension

And I can't figure out how to get it to not do this. I WANT my downloads in their folders.

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