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[Feature Request] Quick access to priority options when adding a

by Guest on 2019/10/26 07:49:38 AM    
I download a lot of movies (hundreds and hundreds) and I always put priority > Sequential - on AND priority > Front and Back first - on.

And it's very difficult because you have to go through a lot of menu options to get there.

Why not add quick access to these options as in qBit? There on the screen adding torrent these options are presented in the form of ticks.
by Guest on 2019/11/04 05:44:31 PM    
This is an old feature request many users asked it in the past, the reply is ever the same, which this can kill bittorrent protocol :D, I cant't believe, but is not in our hands, but I agree wich tixati could be more friendly with this features like deluge and others. But in the other hand why you need this options in all the "hundreds and hundreds" of movies? In the first one OK! But in all? Why? Is because this users which they do not make it easily you understand, some could use it even in ISOs, EXEs, etc. But anyway maybe cool an setting at least to use "back and first" by default as many other clients have, maybe even, be implemented an "back and first" whitelist, to just use it in movies extensions,

I think an good solutuion:

1 - "back and first" whitelist (as explained above)

2 - an button in the prompt to use "Ordered" easily, for series downloads

3 - keep sequential as today, to make it hard to use!
by Guest on 2019/11/05 07:58:45 AM    
Those options are useful for something you want to watch NOW.

If you are downloading to watch later, let the network decide the best order as there might be pieces that are less available which should be priority.


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