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Auto Supend and Sequential

by Guest on 2019/03/10 07:56:05 PM    
Tixati have an Allow System Supend, but to me don't work, please add an Suspend Immediately Mode, to put system in standby immediately. And an option to use Ordened, Front and Back first and Sequential Download by default,
by Guest on 2019/03/22 10:23:31 AM    
> an option to use Ordened, Front and Back first and Sequential Download by default,

I'd very, very much like to see this implemented. Please.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/03/25 10:01:33 PM    
right click the Tranfers button, then "Stop All Transfers" - works for me.

And as to the oft asked sequential downloading, streaming support...this is contrary to the design and purpose of the bit torrent protocol. It is highly detrimental to the primary purpose, file sharing.
by Guest on 2019/03/26 09:36:00 AM    
"Stop All Transfers" doesnt work as requested because then you need to manually start the torrents you want Started. I have some torrents Stopped so if I use that feature I would then need to remember which torrents to keep Stopped.

Why not just close Tixati when you dont want traffic? Thats what I do.

Sequential Downloading is not detrimental.
I use it to download a file and start using it before it finishes downloading. Once it finishes it is shared normally. There is the discussion that it might take longer to download but I can start using the file faster than waiting for it to finish downloading.

What is being asked here is to have a DEFAULT setting for "Ordened, Front and Back first and Sequential Download". I dont need this option as I change it depending on each torrent.
by Guest on 2019/03/26 11:21:24 AM    
when you use 'stop all transfers' it will stop all running transfers. when you then select 'restart all transfers' it only restarts the transfers that were stopped when you selected 'stop all transfers'.
by Pete on 2019/03/26 02:43:05 PM    
Bugmagnet is right, using sequential downloading all the time is harmful. It slows down not only your download but whole swarm, it disrupts bittorrent's ability to evenly distribute pieces among peers. Seeders have to upload the same pieces over and over, chances are they disconnect at some point and no one will have the end of file. Sequential downloading is useful only for audio or video and useless for other content. It shouldn't be possible to make it a default setting for everything.
by Guest on 2019/03/28 06:47:52 PM    
Sequential is not a problem.

If a file takes 10min to download normally and 15 sequential, but I can start watching/listening to the file in 1 minute, I will use sequential.

After 15 minutes, I will have the whole file and the swarm will be happy again.

Saying that no one will have the end of the file is over exaggerating.
by Guest on 2019/05/07 06:21:18 PM    
Yes, and is possible add an setting or threshold to use this features by default only if the torrent have an minimum of seeds, for instance if have 9 seeds don't use the "defaults" but if >=10 seeds use it, why not? have any problem to swarm, is the power of tixati users! :) Another thing many times you have an less famous torrent an "documentary" with 1 very fast seed and 1 peer (just you in this year), why don't use the "defaults" ?
by Guest on 2019/05/11 09:58:45 AM    
threshold is a good idea, and also an filter, just use defaults with selected extensions as mkv, mp4.

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