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File Too Large Error
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by Guest on 2016/06/22 07:39:00 AM    

Thank you for creating a great torrent client. I am hoping you can help me with a "File Too Large" error message I've received today. This is the first time I've received this error.

Thank you,
by Guest on 2016/06/22 11:59:46 PM    
Hi, can you post an error number or some lines from your event log (remove file names)?  That error I think is when you copy a file that is >4GiB to a FAT32 drive, usually.  I see your files are nowhere near 4GB, so this is strange...
by Guest on 2016/06/23 05:37:11 AM    
that's a strange error... are you using an external hard-drive or network share for these files?  i usually see this exact when using a USB key with big files (over 2 gig), but that isn't what this is i guess
by Guest on 2016/06/23 11:17:46 AM    
Thank you for replying. I took a look at the Event Log as suggested and noticed a peculiar thing, for some reason, the *.m3u (playlist) file for the torrents was giving an error.
The log is: [10:54:50]  seeding initiated
[10:54:50]  file too large > ________________________________________.m3u
[10:54:50]  stopping

I'm not sure of why this happened, since I didn't make any changes to the files. The files are stored on my local drive, so I can't quite understand how this came up. Well, I've deleted the existing .m3u files in the folder, force checked and downloading them again.

I'll  let you know if it solves the error.
by Guest on 2016/06/23 03:44:50 PM    
Unfortunately, my attempts at downloading the truant files have not fixed the error message.

Any suggestions on what I can try would be welcome.

Thank you,
by Guest on 2016/06/23 09:28:58 PM    
Just a though... could this too large error be from lack of space in any of the file locations,temp folder or system drive?

Have you specified any custom settings/transfer/locations ?

hope you figure it out
by Guest on 2016/06/24 03:57:39 AM    
that is a very strange problem you are having

do you have any unusual backup utilities or anti-virus scanners?  maybe this is something different in your filesystem drivers?

i lurk in this forum and this is the first time this particular error has been mentioned that i can recall

if you google around, this is always about 2 gig files on a flash drive... but i guess that not your problem here

there is a "File Diagnostic Log" available in Tixati that will help figure this out... click the main help button in upper-right corner, then Diagnostics submenu, then File Operations Log

if you have a lot of transfers running it goes by fast, but if you can make just one do it, you can isolate the error line in the log and see exactly what the filesystem was being asked to do when it made this error
by Guest on 2016/06/25 05:59:21 PM    

I tried looking at the File Diagnostic log, couldn't make any sense of what it was saying. Well, it looks like i'm just going to have to live with this.

Thank you all for trying to help :)

I'll just remove the torrents causing the error.

by santos on 2016/06/26 01:20:22 AM    
If it's just a few specific torrents that get this problem, you should post magnet links for them in here.

The moderators will forward them to the developers who maybe could figure something out?

It's worth a try, just in the name of discovery.

Or you could try the unofficial tixati support channel (it shows in the public list) and post the magnet links there for the other guys to test them.

Just some ideas.
by Guest on 2016/08/22 08:14:00 PM    
right click on the torrent file and select properties check which file is too large...delete the sub file and force check the torrent again download the corrupted sub file... looking forward MOON
by Guest on 2017/02/03 02:46:24 AM    
This happens when you save a file with the same name in the same directory, tixati wont recognize for later files and will result an error, because of unexpected file size which is being used but the former torrent with its own size. To solve this you have to do the following: Download a torrent sequentially, one after the other, and at the end of the download move the file to its original folder, then download the other torrents one by one and do the same. You can make it work easily and able to download simultaneously If you choose to download all files in their original folder instead of saving the files outside with no folders, the most probable setup you have set for automated downloads.
by Guest on 2017/02/10 03:26:33 PM    
what if the file is big like 8 GB i am downloading other like 20 GB but doesn't say shit
by chazman409 on 2017/02/14 10:20:57 PM    
I just reported the same error which is #112. My problem started right after I installed Ublock Origin app on my Chrome bowser.I switched over to Firefox but still have the same"file too large error". I am using version any thoughts
by Guest on 2017/02/15 02:02:07 PM    
chazman, thats not the same error and this is caused by downloading a file with the same name, not necessarily size, into a same folder, most probably due to configuration for an outside folder download. That's how I realized it's purely an users fault.
by Guest on 2017/02/26 09:33:01 PM    
is force check should not solve this like in any other torrent clients? i am always use check to update already downloaded torrent but updated after some time. this feature is really missing in tixati(
by Guest on 2017/05/10 06:45:30 AM    
The same error happens when rechecking updated torrents.
Presumably, problems is that Tixati cannot check correctly check file if it is less than 1 bt block.
Let me give an example.
Let's say torrent v1 contains files
and block size is 4mb.
Its updated version v2 contains  with same block size.

If you first download v1, then remove v1 while keeping the files, and then try to add v2, Tixati will give "file too large" error.

Since subtitle files are often less than 1 mb and it is commonly for some trackers to update its releases, I met this error regularly. And it is quite annoying.
by aymenmah on 2017/06/01 08:42:05 AM    
i was having the same problem but i resolved it by delating the sub-file causing the error.. because i have edit it (txt file)
i hope that was helpful =)
sorry my english is bad but i just want to help =)

by Guest on 2019/03/25 05:29:56 PM    
I had similar problem, Just delete the files which have this error(Red Colored).
Thanks a lot everyone
by Guest on 2019/06/24 03:47:00 AM    
I frequently download files using Tixati(64) 2.61 in the 16 to 30mb range. Today, I ran a force-check on 9 downloads and 5 came up as too large. I was stuck, no way to resume except to delete and re-download. Except again when I attempted to check them, "file too large" appeared again.
I re-checked the files with another bittorrent client (Qbittorrent) and the file size was valid at 95% for a 16mb file, and was able to complete the remaining download and repair the files. This appears to be some type of file allocation error. I will check back frequently for bug fixed, as I like this program.
by Zero_Ego on 2019/06/25 09:19:48 PM    
Hi am also getting "File to large" error.
The files are not to large, they were only around 350KB (ePUBs)

To check the file integrity, I manually copied it. The file ePub file worked perfect.

All I am doing is moving completed (and offline) torrents via "location" to a new external HDD.  It always seems to be the first file in any given torrent that gets flagged as "File Too Large".

It's a really annoying bug, because you can't trust the program not to false flag these files, when moving to new "Location".  When the error does false flag a file,  It destroys the torrent because there is nothing you can do to recover.  

It has nothing to do with FAT 32 4GB limit. I use all NTFS drives.  

What's causing this error?  One loses confidence in the software.

Upgraded a few days ago from Tixati-64 V2.4.2 to Tixati-64 V2.6.1.

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