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Why is Tixati Banned on almost all private trackers
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by aairon on 2013/09/21 02:25:20 AM    
I did a lot of searching and can't find an answer to this question.
Why do so many private (almost all) trackers Ban Tixati?
I love this program but find it very frustrating that I can't use it on private trackers.
Also I registered and show that I'm logged on but still showing as "GUEST"
by Pete on 2013/09/22 02:40:45 AM    
There are three main reasons that come to my mind:
1. Private trackers usually use a whitelist, therefore everything that isn't allowed is banned. Until one of staff members uses Tixati, there's very little chance to make it whitelisted.
2. Tixati has a feature that allows user to change it's peer id in handshake with other peers or tracker. This function may be used to bypass whitelist.
3. They are paranoid and don't understand how bittorrent works. The same reason why they still force you to turn DHT off on private sites.

Some examples:
"We don't want to encourage using a client that allows users to cheat."
"they {Tixati devs} don't care about making it work on private trackers (correct data reporting, fair swarm dealings, etc), and that if there are bugs that only effect private trackers they won't ever be fixed"
"client that have been reported to provide false and incorrect data and is therefore banned"
"Rather exotic client, needs to be tested before we can whitelist it, so this may take a while."
"Basically, too obscure to be considered. Tixati has been suggested on what years ago and wasn't approved since. It's on waffles banned list as well. I didn't look further tbh."

So Tixati is banned because:
1) it's banned somewhere else, (we are too lazy to check ourselves)
2) we think it can be used to cheat ratio, (every client can)
3) isn't supporting private trackers, (not true)
4) is rare, (don't bother us, go away)

Fortunately there are some private trackers where Tixati is allowed.
by nnq2603 on 2013/09/22 05:34:36 AM    
Most wellknown reason is it often reports larger amount data than any other clients. For example: download 3.9GB, everything else report 3.9GB but Tixati reports 4GB (too much difference)... the way it too different than other got it banned. I use it myself but even report issue usually bother me. Clearly the developers don't seem to work on that issue, they've got more focused issue than... And as long as this report data issue not got fixed, private tracker'll still keep banning Tixati.

And other reason such as client ID modifying, and other ones like previous user said, I agree about them.

And more details about report isssue of Tixati:
by Nili on 2013/09/22 02:53:32 PM    
I'm using Tixati since a few month on a private (invite only) tracker.

Using Linux Mint 15 / Tixati 1.96 32-bit

On the forum of this site we've talked a lot for Torrent clients and i have seen there are some users that using using Tixati including me.

I do not think it's fair to blacklist Tixati only that it is not well known like others, Tixati is very good, sincere and honest especially in Linux.

I'm a super happy customer and wish to thank the staff of the private tracker who thinks straight and does not ban without cause concrete and a serious reason.

Thanks for Tixati

Seeding over 650 files with Tixati

Sorry, have no idea why the others ban Tixati and it seems unacceptable that a program like this be done ban - simple lack of information in my opinion.
by KoolKatt on 2013/09/22 06:07:54 PM    
I have been a T user for over 2 years and love it "I'd rather fight than switch" ;-)

I have joined around 10 private sites in that time, (they seem to come and go) and have never been refused privileges because of T.

My opinion: If they were to have a problem with T, then I don't need to join. I'll just take my ball and go play somewhere else!  Remember: ignorance is curable, but stupid is forever!  :-}

Kudos to 'Team T' for a job well done!!!!!!

People who think they know it all, frustrate those of us who do.
by aairon on 2013/09/23 03:21:50 AM    
Thank you very much for your very through answer Pete.
The answer I finally got from two private sites that I belong to that won't white list Tixati is
"allows user to change it's peer id" Can't this also be done with uTorrent with a little work?
It seems that most Private trackers are uTorrent fan boys and I absolutely hate that ancient, antique, backward,obsolete POS software.
I do wonder what is the advantage of being able to change peer id?
It's a Major pain in the rear to try to run two clients because they both want to associate with the torrent files and I can find no easy way to run two clients, if anyone has any suggestions how I can best do this (run Tixati and another client) I would much appreciate any suggestions.
Once again Pete thank you very much I love Tixati and the interface and flexibility, it just seems to be so naturally intuitive.
by Bugmagnet on 2013/09/24 10:56:02 AM do you seed over 400 torrents?
by Nili on 2013/09/24 05:28:23 PM    

Well, the same question i made ​​a some time ago here because when I reached 400 seed file cannot go more.

someone (sorry can't remember his name) said something, for each file that was passed on standby seed click on it to be selected, then on the below find the tab Options, On the left menu there is [ Seeding ] click this button, you'll see Constant Seeding - Always seed and do not consume a seeding slot. Once they clicked this option "always seed and..." immediately passes on seeding+ and 400 made 401. 402 for each file that does the same action and so on... this option let me seed much more then 400. This what i did with help of someone here and worked!
by Pete on 2013/09/24 06:56:00 PM    
This option is in right click menu too (Seeding > Constant Seeding), so you can set it for many selected torrents at the same time.
by Bugmagnet on 2013/09/25 02:14:05 AM    
ty Nili...i seem to recall such info now that you mention it. didn't think I'd need it anytime soon but I have over 360 slots in use now so soon ...

As to the original post about being banned from private trackers. F'em. Move on. All too often those private trackers are operated by incompetent Cretan control freaks who can't comprehend the concept of community and cooperation. The flaws in their perverted logic are well documented. Makes me recall one USA senator who proudly bragged that European-style "civilization" was based on selfishness, self-interest, just looking out for number one. Understanding that, a more intelligent being declared "They are not civilized. That is the big lie. Or, IF that is really what 'civilization' is, then the big lie is that it is good for us as human beings." - John Trudell
by Nili on 2013/09/26 06:55:51 PM    
Yw Bugmagnet,
I'm ready soon to seed over 700 DVD9 with Tixati :)
by aairon on 2013/10/01 06:27:30 AM    
Well I made one last point on that site and that is that pretty much any client can be altered to change it's peer id in handshake with other peers or trackers(some just take a little more work then others), That was their main point for blacklisting Tixati.
It's a sad thing but some folks are control freaks, Paranoid, Misinformed, ignorant, stupid or just don't give a hit. or all of the above. I have also noted that other folks using other clients are blacklisted and when they requested to be taken off the members list the Mods seem to get a bit upset as if they were doing something bad by opting out of their BS, they allow almost any version of uTorrent, BitTorrent and Vuze and that's about it, all crap in my book.
by aairon on 2013/10/01 06:47:04 AM    
Here is my last message to that site.

I have made inquires about Tixati being blacklisted and received the response that it's because the Peer id can be changed for peer handshake and trackers, While this is true This can also be done with any utorrent version or bittorrent released in the last couple of years it just takes a few minutes more to set it up, but if someone is desperate enough and still living with their mothers to have the urge to mess with the peer id then a few extra minutes won't stop them.
Throwing out the baby with the bath water. It's sad to me because I could contribute but I instead ask to be removed from your members list.
control freaks, Paranoid, Misinformed individuals seem to be running the entire internet now days, When this all picked up speed in the late 70's going from BBS's to the WWW. this BS didn't exist but more of these sites are being run by little fascist web Mussolini's. Thanks for disassociating me from your site.
by Pete on 2013/10/06 11:32:00 AM    
I do wonder what is the advantage of being able to change peer id?
It's a Major pain in the rear to try to run two clients...
I think it was the reason why Tixati has the feature. Change of peer id and User-Agent header is often enough to bypass whitelist, so you can use just one client - Tixati. Running two different programs is a bad idea and abandoning Tixati because somewhere it is not allowed is out of the question for me :) .

Like KoolKatt writes, smaller private trackers don't have whitelist or they have one but don't enforce it. You can connect to the tracker even if client is banned in their rules. Better, "hard to get to" sites are the problem. Often you can use them in limited way, with peer id and User-Agent changed. Handshake modifications have to be manually added to each torrent, so goodbye to automation through RSS feed. Only once my account was closed because of Tixati, it was done by some script after I connected with changed peer id.

There's a Private_Trackers channel: dsc:d4sjwek6tnqbkh37yaf7rdetpmblep7tn5fpml7zdhjjntsty2hq?dn=%23Private_Trackers
I'm sure they will help you with private trackers related problems.

Most wellknown reason is it often reports larger amount data than any other clients.
I don't have this problem with Tixati 1.96. What version do you use? 1.92 had serious issue with correct statistics reports, do not use it on private sites. I guess what you described may be caused by large amount of hashfails. Since 1.92 Tixati has the "corrupt" field in tracker announcement, but I don't know if it is actually used. Maybe it has zero value all the time and all corrupted data is included in "downloaded" value. According to this specification:  both "downloaded" and "uploaded" parameters should be total values. I think it makes sense, because you don't know if data you uploaded will pass hash check. Often clients download the same piece form many sources, so even if your data is correct some other peer may send bad data and the piece is corrupted in result.
by Guest on 2013/10/08 03:13:03 AM    
Seriously, making tixati work on all private trackers was the easiest thing to achieve. It is a complete non-issue to hardcore torrenters. I don't think I've had a torrent client report valid data in years. There is no benefit to be honest on these sites. As far as the world is concerned, I'm one of those fools who runs one of the original bittorrent releases.
by Guest on 2013/10/11 04:07:25 AM    
I just wanted to take a second to say that I used to use uTorrent. Then they decided to put ads in it while it was running, and they did the same for BitTorrent, and I had enough. I was using an old version of uTorrent but it seemed I had trouble with the files. I didn't want to try Tixati because the CNET Downloads pic shows a very ugly black background. But everything else I tried failed to work anywhere near what I wanted. So as a last resort I installed T and then found I could change its background colors! So I am happy I have found this, and very appreciative to the folks working so hard on it. Thank you!

BTW, you should definitely make the pictures at CNET Downloads more appealing. Maybe that will draw more users and make it a more acceptable alternative to folks, especially since uTorrent and BitTorrent are now adware. Tixati should shine like a many faceted gem compared to the other crap out there!

Keep up the good work! I will report in if I have any issues with the one private tracker I use. Oh and thank you for allowing guests to post!
by nnq2603 on 2013/10/12 04:33:16 PM    
I don't have this problem with Tixati 1.96. What version do you use? 1.92 had serious issue with correct statistics reports, do not use it on private sites. I guess what you described may be caused by large amount of hashfails.

Yes, I've got lastest Tixati and it's 1.96. (Actually I was a utorrent user, I've just switch to Tixati since 1.96 'coz I like it, but long time enough pass since switching - this 1.96 already here for long time). And it usually report larger amount of data than any other cliends in tracker snatched list. More detail, I often see this issue when I join a torrent that new (only a few GB content), only one seeder (with quite slow upload speed) and a numerous leechers (home line, VPS, seedbox, etc...). In the said swarm, Tixati always report large amount than other after a long time swarm running (usually 6-12 hours depending seeder, but the longer/slower seeder did, the bigger/more noticable Tixati reports. And I admit I don't really pay attention to it for a week or so. But once I notice it, I often face it again and again, because the said swarm is very often happens in the given tracker. Sorry about my English, not my native language.

And yes, I also think it's something to do with hash failed pieces, as I wrote a question here without anyone reply.
by Pete on 2013/10/27 01:37:22 PM    
I checked downloaded amount on a popular torrent with over 2000 completed downloads, and it seems you are right. Tixati is usually reporting more than other clients, maybe except Vuze. The torrent was 512.21 MB size.
by nnq2603 on 2013/11/09 07:03:59 PM    
Thanks for info. In that sheetset,
512.21-Tixati 1.9.2
512.21-Tixati 1.9.2
512.40-Tixati 1.9.2
512.80-Tixati 1.9.4
513.28-Tixati 1.9.4
513.84-Tixati 1.8.8
513.99-Tixati 1.9.4
516.06-Tixati 1.9.2
516.95-Tixati 1.8.3
517.15-Tixati 1.8.8
517.17-Tixati 1.9.3
524.96-Tixati 1.9.3
534.95-Tixati 1.9.5
there isn't any 1.9.6 there, but assume 1.9.6 is just the same. I use 1.9.6 myself and I always keep tracing my own reports on trackers. This incorrect amount of data reporting in Tixati came across many version of Tixati and still occur.

When reports upload amount, if it's different amongst all different number, nobody see anything wrong/abnormal but when come to download amount reporting, it should send the same result as others. Otherwise, it looks so supicious to anyone who look at the reports/snatch table. Even you look at anothers with strange download report, you also assume there's cheat possibility ('coz when your download report is incorrect/wrong, who know your upload reports is faithful or not?!). Tixati make itself supicious.
by Guest on 2013/11/24 09:39:17 PM    
I think it is ironic that a feature designed to allow use on private trackers is the same feature that causes these trackers to disallow the client.  The feature doesn't even need to be removed entirely, just made more obscure.  On the sites I use the sentiment is often that it is just too easy to spoof the ID compared to other clients that can be hacked into doing it.  

However, I also understand that spoofed clients can be detected and banned so I'm not sure why these big-time private sites are so stubborn about it.  I've read stories of people being banned from major sites but not smaller ones.

Please reconsider!
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