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Tixati opening audio files in Audacity

by Guest on 2024/03/27 03:27:08 PM    
Tixati is opening audio files in Audacity despite applications such as mpv, smplayer and clementine installed in the system. Video files are rightly opened in mpv though.

There are no associations set between Audacity and audio files in .config/xdg-mimeapps-list. In fact, the default applications in that config file are clementine and mpv.
by notaLamer on 2024/03/28 06:08:46 PM    
See the commands used in this thread:
xdg-mine query, xdg-open, xdg-mime default. What do they report and does setting anything manually there help? What about setting defaults in system settings?
by Guest on 2024/04/09 11:22:05 PM    
$ xdg-mime query default audio/mpeg


$ xdg-mime default mpv.desktop audio/flac



Changed them to mpv.desktop.

$ xdg-mime default mpv.desktop audio/flac
$ xdg-mime default mpv.desktop audio/mpeg

Works fine now. Thanks a lot for your reply.

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