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Feature Request: Pause button for active torrents

by Guest on 2023/09/24 02:34:39 AM    
First of all - thanks for all your great and hard work!
Tixati is the best torrent client, with so many option for customize! - I love it! :-)

Some question and idea if it posible and have sense to you and others.
In old days when I use other torrent clients - they have pause option. Is it posible to that function be added to Tixati also!?
My use case:
I often use many, many torrents, so from time to time I have issue with enough free space. If I stoped active torrents (just to find a way with free space) - later I have problem to find wich torrents was active and wich is not.
With pause option - this scenario will be to much easier.

/ Sorry for my bad english. :-/
by Guest on 2023/09/24 01:10:14 PM    
What is the difference between this and stopping the torrent?
by notaLamer on 2023/09/25 03:01:32 AM    
later I have problem to find wich torrents was active and wich is not.
Please enable Categories in settings:
by ZarkBit on 2023/09/25 07:34:39 AM    
There is no pause event in the bittorrent protocol, there's started, completed or stopped.,event,-This%20is%20an
by Guest on 2023/09/30 04:45:18 PM    
I know you say pause is "not possible" in the BitTorrent specifications.
But this could be implemented another way; by means of download slot management, like adjusting the download slots from 3 to 2

Try and think of it that way?

So a download slot can be removed for 6 hours, slot size reduces (minus 1) from 3->2 for that time until countdown expires then back to 3 slots
Does that make more sense? Rather than saying its not possible? Nothing in the specification says you could not do it that way?
by Guest on 2023/10/01 04:57:35 PM    
What is the difference between this and stopping the torrent?
I am also a former uTorrent user, and "Pause" is something I still miss to this day. "Pause" is something that I intend to "Resume". "Stop" is something I do not. It just makes a huge difference when it comes to usability of anything in-progress. And seeding/downloading is a continuous act.
When uTorrent got bought and people started to migrate elsewhere, I remember heated discussions on qBittorrent's design philosophy in this regard: "Paused is Paused. Stop means you don't want to seed later, so you can delete it from the client, it doesn't make a difference."

Please enable Categories in settings
That's an unintuitive workaround. And only one category can be added per torrent.

There is no pause event in the Bittorrent protocol, there's started, completed or stopped.
BEP-21 event=paused (which is perfectly named from the technical/protocol point of view) exist.
But like most of us don't care about what IO operations happen when we pause a music in our media player, we don't really care about the protocol events here either.
by Guest on 2023/11/05 05:42:15 AM    

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