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Feature Request: transparent downgrade links

by ruskl on 2023/09/17 12:09:04 AM    
My request is that either the webpage  have a link to each version as they are released, or that there is an open listing of the contents of the folder

The reason for this request is exemplified in this thread  where people are left to either search elsewhere on the web for old versions (threat of malware) or use the link for the current version (  -->  should it be -1 or -0 pr -5?) and then write in a different number manually (guessing number could be wrong, is a hacky solution, and user may give up and then go look elsewhere and then get malware)

I know downgrading is not an ideal solution but it's often important in troubleshooting. And I think having a transparent official way to do this could protect some users who might then try and look at random sources on the web and then start using a malware version. This would help Tixati encourage use of safer copies of the software. One of the advantages of using a repo or ppa is the ease of downgrading. Because tixati doesn't have that a simple URL or html page could suffice.

In my case I was about to try this downgrade and found the thread .../1967. I was having a libgtk3 issue so I wanted to go back to version 3.17 which the ../news/ said is the last update before the libgtk3 upgrades. Fortunately, in my case, in guessing URLs I realised I had accidentally installed the wrong architecture 32 bit by mistake, (Doh! why didn't Ubuntu complain before I did that!?) so switching to 3.19 64 bit fixed my problem (Whew!). However, if the problem was not that simple I would have wanted to downgrade to troubleshoot. And I'm glad I didn't have to guess the hyphenated number sub version, which could have caused confusion if for example 3.17-1 had a small different bug and 3.17-2 was the best version of 3.17.

Does that make sense?

Great software, been using it for many years now. Reminds me I haven't donated in a while, will do so now.

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