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UI BUG - Unable to switch tabs

by Guest on 2023/03/24 02:22:19 PM    
I have a re-occurring UI bug. It happens sporadically but has occurred at least 10 times now. It usually takes a few hours of Tixati being left open but when it happens I am unable to switch tabs in the Bottom Pane.

Tixati will get stuck on a tab for example the Options tab and then it will refuse to change to any of the other tabs eg Details Tab, Files Tab or Trackers Tab. It will continue to download but the UI loses most interactivity, also including switching between the main sections eg Home, Transfers, Bandwidth, Settings.

Current solution:
Restarting Tixati fixes the tab switching and UI interactivity problems but is a sub-par solution when transfers are actively downloading.

To be able to switch tabs at any time including if Tixati has been left running for an entire week.

Tixati v3.14 Portable
Windows 10

Gif Screenshot:
by notaLamer on 2023/03/25 09:28:32 PM    
by Guest on 2023/03/29 01:13:12 PM    
i noticed you are running v3.14, have you tried upgrading to 3.16?
This is from the dev on the other thread:
by KH    

Is this still happening in v3.16 or newer?

Haven't been able to recreate this but I've been trying for quite some time, and also looking for clues in the code.  Not much luck so far.

If anyone sees this happening, I have a few questions:

- In the view that you are stuck on, can you interact with the view itself?  For example, if it's stuck on the transfers view, can you still click the buttons to start/stop a transfer, or change selection, or use the bottom tabs?

- Would I be correct to assume, the only thing that doesn't work, is clicking the top buttons Home Share Channels Feeds Search Transfers Bandwidth?  The rest of the interface is operative, it's just the large buttons at the top?

- Does changing the toolbar setting in Settings > User Interface > Widget Styles > Toolbars do anything to affect this problem?  What happens if you try changing this setting while the top buttons don't work?  The OP said that the settings button still works, so it should be possible to get to this setting and see if it does anything.

Thanks for any replies...

in the gif you shared i see you can go from tab to tab and that the bottom does not change, but can you still interact with the tab that is showing?
can you change the tabs at the top? Channels,home,share...

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