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Tabs become unresponsive after a few hours to a few days

by Guest on 2023/02/11 08:32:25 AM    
Tabs become unresponsive after a few hours to a few days and whatever tab you are on, you are stuck there until a restart of Tixati.

The tabs in question are the ones at the top (Home, Transfers, Bandwidth, DHT) but not Settings, that still works.

Also the tabs mid screen (Details, Files, Trackers, Peers, Pieces, Bandwidth, Event Log, Options, Comments)

I'm on Windows 10 22H2, but this has been a long standing bug that's been around for years (not sure if I had it on Windows 7 or not)
by Guest on 2023/02/12 09:33:18 AM    
Yes this problem exist also on windows 7. Like you describe it, after some hours tabs are unresponsive. But dowload & upload keep working. Got to restart Tixati.
by Guest on 2023/02/12 06:37:41 PM    
what version of tixati?
has this happened with multiple versions?
are you running any weird programs?
any windows updates recently?
does this happen with any other programs?
by KH on 2023/02/12 06:48:36 PM    
Is this still happening in v3.16 or newer?

Haven't been able to recreate this but I've been trying for quite some time, and also looking for clues in the code.  Not much luck so far.

If anyone sees this happening, I have a few questions:

- In the view that you are stuck on, can you interact with the view itself?  For example, if it's stuck on the transfers view, can you still click the buttons to start/stop a transfer, or change selection, or use the bottom tabs?

- Would I be correct to assume, the only thing that doesn't work, is clicking the top buttons Home Share Channels Feeds Search Transfers Bandwidth?  The rest of the interface is operative, it's just the large buttons at the top?

- Does changing the toolbar setting in Settings > User Interface > Widget Styles > Toolbars do anything to affect this problem?  What happens if you try changing this setting while the top buttons don't work?  The OP said that the settings button still works, so it should be possible to get to this setting and see if it does anything.

Thanks for any replies...
by Phlexor on 2023/02/14 02:34:52 AM    
OP here, I don't run any unusual software, this is on a fully updated Windows 10 22H2 but I've had the problems on a few different OS's and machines. This has been happening on multiple versions of Tixati and there hasn't been anything similar on other programs on my computer. Like I said, it can happen after a few hours of use or a few days (I keep the program/computer running for weeks without a restart)

I have searched for people with similar problems and have only found a few reports with no resolution to the problem.
by Guest on 2023/02/15 03:04:41 AM    
Just to add, when you click on the the tabs, the tab buttons themselves change to appear as if they have changed as in they get that activated look or change color to the activated look, but the contents bellow them do not change and the contents are still working as intended.

And example is that I usually have the  tab active but then the UI crash happens I can click on the  tab and it becomes highlighted to indicate that it is active but the contents below are of the Transfer tab and I can interact with each torrent as normal.
by Guest on 2023/02/25 01:24:25 PM    
@OP Since you talk about multiple machines, old fag here using it on windows. Switched to linux months ago and currently running it on a VM under proxmox. Would that be an option for you? You can add dynamically allocated ram so that it does not clog the host but also is free to use as much as needed. My guess is that it's a windows thing since my previous linux instance was peacefully running for weeks and acting as a homelab with quite some load.
by Sailor24 on 2023/02/27 01:19:43 AM    
I get this issue now and again. It seems to go hand in hand with the issue of slow scanning on startup. When the tab issue starts I can minimize and then maximize and the problem is solved. Although if I let a few more torrents finish their cycle and sit at the top completely finished the tab issue cannot be resolved by minimize, the program must be shutdown.
My work around or solution to both the tabs issue and slow scanning is good house keeping. If I don't allow more than a dozen completed torrents sitting in the top, neither of these issues appear. At what point this starts I can't say but recently I had both issues and had 38 completed torrents in the top. Cleaned up and now both issues have vanished again.
by Guest on 2023/02/27 06:32:34 PM    
@Sailor24, proxmox guy here, should be no need for house keeping in this regard.
Linux machine was previously running with 13k+ torrents. Hang at start, yes, naturally. No stability issues though.

@OP, can you try "restoring" the app to a small window or doing the hide/show option in the tray icon?

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