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Torrents stuck at "Fetching meta-info... 0%"

by Galathorne on 2022/11/27 12:20:13 PM    
This may or may not be the same as questions by Guests at  ,  ,  . No solutions were found on those pages.

I have been having this issues for many years now. It happens sometimes when doing the following:

1. Downloading via magnet link or hash (I never use torrent files)
2. Downloading via RSS (I find my download stuck hours after torrent was added automatically)

I encounter the issue far more via RSS. I have noticed that the Trackers all are showing as Timed-out (some as Host not found, however that is most probably not related), but I cannot confirm whether this was always the case as I havent tracked it. Announcing (double click or via force announce) always returns a Timed-out status. To be fair, mostly (I'd say roughly 60-80% of all my torrents download fine), but this is a constant random issue.

My solution is usually to close Tixati completely and restarting it after about 20 seconds. This has until now (with just a handful of exceptions over many years) solved the issue for the applicable torrents, where they start loading almost immediately after Tixati is back up. I have tried ruling out a router/port issue by restarting it, not knowing if this would have any effect at all, but restarting Tixati seems to be the only workaround.

So, my conclusion simply have to be that there is a long-standing bug with Tixati. Unless some Tixati setting on my side is buggering it up, I don't know what else it could be.

Can I get some suggestions of what else to try? If nothing works, I want to log this as a definite bug.

Case in Point: I have written this post while two torrents were stuck for hours, one from RSS and one I loaded myself via magnet link. I did the whole restarting Tixati thing half a minute ago and now both are downloading perfectly fine.

I'm on Windows 10 and normally (I have to) keep my laptop on days or weeks at a time.

Please help.

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