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v3.11 Tracker ghost IP ports - Tracker or Tixati Issue?

by Guest on 2022/09/13 01:32:56 PM    
Hi Tixati friends!

I'm seeing a lot of duplicate fake outgoing connections in the 'peers' tab of Tixati v3.11

Examples: <- REAL <- FAKE (Timed out connecting) <- REAL <- FAKE (Timed out connecting)

Can somebody please test? I think I have worked out the problem is probably just this tracker, and not Tixati?

Tracker seems to be sending bad information to Tixati or maybe Tixati is not handling the response properly?

The IP's seem valid but the port numbers often there are TWO in the connections list, and one will connect OK (transfer happens) whereas one won't connect at all (no response)

This seems to be the common-factor tracker causing all these issues:

(tracker removed by Mod)

When I removed this above - the problems stopped happening.... Just can't work out if it's a Tixati issue or this tracker is faulty

by Guest on 2022/09/13 03:09:47 PM    
if you remove the tracker and everything works fine, i'd lean towards the problem being the tracker.
by notaLamer on 2022/09/17 08:48:44 PM    
My guess the peer is behind NAT. One port is the real local port, the other port is the NAT-ed port (remote port). Thus the local port ends up reported to tracker but is impossible to connect to.
Is the working connection an incoming connection? That means the peer initiated a connection to you and your PC accepted. If yes then this is a strong signal for this to be a NAT issue.
by shag00 on 2022/09/23 12:48:28 AM    
I have the same/similar issue. Tixati reports the same IP address with a different port number for multiple connections.

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