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New Torrent Added, Amazon Server Mystery

by francesco on 2023/02/14 08:16:44 PM    
Hello again, I made test torrent that I downloaded from myself via qBittorrent portable, never published on tracker. An incoming peer showed up from 54.x.x.x an IP under Amazon.

by Guest on 2023/02/15 04:34:41 PM    
Your torrent information was collected by a DHT crawler, it's safe to say that this probably isn't associated with Tixati. The parties operating these crawlers are sometimes doing it to scan for CSAM, or in the case of BTDig they do to build a database of DHT torrents that can be searched. also crawl the DHT network.

However these Amazon/Linode IP addresses have annoyed me in the past, so I made a script to block them utilising the 'IP Filter' feature that exists within Tixati. Here are some IP address you can block:
Amazon:  (After 24h blocked: 202 In, 167 Out, 7,389 DHT)
Google:  (After 24h blocked: 5 In, 6 Out, 502 DHT)
Linode:   (After 24h blocked: 0 In, 19 Out, 1,070 DHT)
Microsoft Azure:  (After 24h blocked: 118 In, 3 Out, 327 DHT)

As you can see it's probably worth blocking Amazon and Linode IPs since they're the worst offenders when it comes to crawling DHT.
by notaLamer on 2023/02/22 12:49:20 AM    
Amazon AWS (crawler botnet) and Linode (SMTP/Email server) are used by ?P-?ch?l?n (replaced vowels: I, E, e, o) They have money to burn to use cloud providers. Possinly other parties too.

Cautionary note:
While ?P-?ch?l?n's surveillance bots will be naturally present on DHT, it is not an implication you have or have not a copywronged material on your hands.
If you do, you violate Tixati's license agreement.
If you don't (your case), forget about this.

It is recommended to block all the provided IPs to avoid wasting traffic and electricity. Go green!

If you have money to burn as well, you may try to set a legal precedent for if such intrusive surveillance is allowed by sueing the bot operators. The outcome depends on your legislation.
by francesco on 2023/03/16 09:36:21 PM    
Hey thanks for awesome reply Guest and Notalamer.
Thanks very much for your list, WHAT A HELL OF A LIST - i'll see to implement it if it wont slow down Tixati.

It isn't Tixati.
It is neither qBittorent calling or my shithole country ISP, I took some days to look into it and there is a humongous network of *them*, it isnt just bots that snitch on the DHT, it is a network because there is always one that comes to scan you as soon as you hit DHT - like sooner than anybody else - and propagate the info so they don't need lots of them coming at you to also "collect the torrents".

The thing is, quite honestly, we are winning this.

(They) care more about other things like implementing digital IDs and digital money and injecting us with graphene oxide. When they achieve "singularity" this is whenever they completely eviscerate society and smash it under monolithic control they will also have the copyrights for everything because they claim ownership of everything that exists.  

I checked, wow, they are clueless... (or they really know and hold it back)

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