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[Feature Request] Ability for Tixati to temp pause downloads in

by Guest on 2022/01/08 05:52:58 PM    
Would it be possible to add a "Pause for 30/60/90/XX min" feature for individual downloads?

Assume 4 downloads: Sometimes I see my one of my downloads nearing completion but struggling to finish as others are bandwidth hogs.
Would like the ability in Tixati to pause a single download if taking up too much bandwidth to allow others to prioritise finishing.

Thank you
by Guest on 2022/01/09 04:38:36 PM    
You can set the priority of this weak download to "Ultra High" in context menu -> bandwidth, but ideal is the developer add new settings to Auto Manage Slots feature as explained here:
by Guest on 2023/11/05 06:03:56 AM    
by Guest on 2023/12/31 08:49:38 PM    
by Guest on 2024/01/12 11:54:37 PM    

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