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Translation Issue

by UtkuGARIP on 2021/10/26 04:06:33 PM    


When translating into my local language, I noticed that the translation was applied "word translation".

As you can see in the picture, the Turkish > Durdur < "Stop" word should be at the end, not the front. I hope I have explained, please fix this problem.

by notaLamer on 2021/10/28 02:47:04 AM    
I've translated Tixati myself and I had found quite many issues too. The translations don't appear to be a priority at the moment, so write down any new bugs you find and finish the translation as best as you currently can.
Here's my older thread with translation bugs you will find helpful
by Guest on 2021/10/31 01:46:51 AM    
Dude, you explained my problem very well. I will follow your thread and wait for new answers..

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