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Tixati's Translation Bugs

by Guest on 2021/05/24 03:34:18 AM    
You can find the raw portion of this at the bottom of the glossary of the Russian translation I posted. Here's the copywriting of the problems I encountered:

1) On Manjaro Linux XFCE neither buttons "Layout" -> "Оформление" (main window) nor "Edit" -> "Редактировать" (settings) are resized to accomodate new text (iirc the Layout button was OK and resized on Windows, but I hadn't translated others yet to notice at that point)

2) In DHT tab, the translated "active" > "активный" only colors the first 4 letters in green in Russian (акти).

3) Lines 7367+ (from template) 'alias' and 'cookie' shouldn't be translatable I think these are used in the tracker edit window in settings, these are the keywords.

3.1) "/////// ui/AutoThrottleWnd" and above - are the lower case strings really intended for translation?

4) The inevitable question. At around Line 6566 (of Russian) I needed to actually remove a word completely for translation. I.e. 'word' -> empty. Not possible (yet?)

5) Similar case, instead of a 'word.' only have the '.' dot at the end of a sentence?

6) L9938: translators should not translate "guest" for the sake of miniscule privacy and anonymity?

7) DHT "%d nodes" count of main window is not available in translation

8) Settings > Web interface > Templates - the "Select Folder..." string is not exported

12) Settings > Transfers > Locations > The "Change..." button is not translated although "Change" is exported

9) Settings > Update check > Check now > While waiting, the "by" in "Stand by..." is not translatable

10) Transfer > Options > Peers > "(recommended)" is not translated although "recommended" is exported

11) There's still no proper official explanation what "Peer Allowance" is and what it does. Does 2x mean each peer counts as two and 50% that each peer counts as a half?

Pete said "x3 means you allow three times larger outgoing bandwidth for each peer leeching that torrent from you (than peer from any other torrent)."

This thread only had user discussions:

13) Transfer > Details: Neither "Seeds" nor "No Selection" nor "Remaining" nor "Available copies" is translated

14) Bandwidth > Right click on graph - the graphs context menu is not at all translatable

15) "time mismatch" (in channel connections) and few other status messages - not exported

16) Home tab > Incoming connections > "Incoming" is in-place replaced by a word match, but "Negotating" and "placed" are missing in export.

17) Also Home Tab: I don't know if I just haven't found it by search (mind you, not 100% of strings translated) but at the top right, I can't find the text for the number of peer connections.

18) Scheduler does not seem to pick up translations. Especially week days in the bottom panel and tablerized view: "Mon" and "Mondays @ 12:00AM"

I have not even started on the ability to actually change the sentence structure and choose where the inserted words land (like printf) :) But lets keep it for later, we can get 99% done with what we have now, less effort. Pareto principle at work.

Further nitpicking to perfect localization will come at a much later point.

Thanks, it must've been an ungodly amount of work just to get the strings out and ready. But the lack of sorting (text seems shuffled) is really impacting the speed and quality of translation.

If there're changes that would need conversion of current translation files, I'm more than happy to write conversion scripts for everyone to use.

3 Screenshots, DHT and Scheduler:
by notaLamer on 2021/08/20 06:02:43 PM    
'Edit this page' button doesn't work when translated (Russian). That's for Channels, Information tab. Nothing happens when clicked.

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