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Unclear Tixati settings

by IWTA on 2021/07/23 01:11:13 PM    
Please explain the meaning of the settings in the application:

1) "Dual conn attempts non-pref proto skip minimum margin".
Is that "Dual connection attempts non-preferred protocol skip minimum margin"?? There is no description of this function in the help. What is she doing?

2) "Include local in swarm bitfield and availability display"
Even after reading the description of this option: "In the details tab of a transfer's properties, this will control whether the local bitfield is included in the overall swarm availability" I still don't understand what this setting does.

3) "Display encrypted / incoming flags with peer address"

4) "Be careful with the channel secret"
What secret are we talking about here?

5) The meaning with the word "Affected" is also unclear
It is also mentioned in the task scheduler:
"starting task affected targets"
"stopping task affected targets"

I would be very grateful for clarification.
by notaLamer on 2021/07/24 07:06:09 PM    
1) ??? no idea too

2) Click any transfer, Properties tab (the one with black bars). On the right there's 'N.nnn Available Copies', similar to uTorrent. If you are a seeder (=1.0 or 100%) then the value will be (1 + SUM_OF_SWARM), bigger than one. Or in other words as a formula =YOU_PERCENT + SUM_OF_SWARM_PERCENT. If not checked, it will only be = SUM_OF_SWARM_PERCENT
So you can see here at a glance whether all peers in a swarm have the complete torrent (>1.0 without counting yourself) or not (<1.0)

3) For each transfer there's the Peers tab. This setting controls additional info icons next to IP addresses, I think this is duplicating the information from the 'Status' column there (give or take)

4) This is the same as in Public Key Cryptography. The channel owner owns a special password called 'Secret Key'. This 'password' gives access to owner-only control features of the channel. Channels > Select a channel > Options. If you are the owner of that channel it will say 'Secret key OK'

5) "starting task affected targets" -> Start actions that were defined within that task. Many parts of the scheduler are currently untranslatable this seems to be a bug, see
by IWTA on 2021/07/25 06:48:48 PM    

Thanks for the tips.

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