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[BUG] Download queue does not rotate stuck torrents

by Guest on 2021/07/19 10:20:31 AM    
I love using Tixati but I am experiencing an issue with the managed download queue which I cannot seem to fix myself

I am using WIN10, 64bit, v2.84

I have 8 DL slots
I have 3 UL slots

When I first added about 60 downloads, I left it downloading at full speed.
In the morning the bandwidth graph shows NO downloading happened overnight.

I had 8 green downloads stuck with no seed and no data coming in.

I manually STOP these stuck downloads and it started downloading new ones fast from 'queued' list.

The Download queue management for Tixati seems completely broken and unable to cope with any stalled downloads.

Would it not be logical to re-queue any dead/stalled downloads after x minutes of no downloading, putting them to the back of the queue for later?

Am I doing something wrong here?

by Guest on 2021/07/19 04:54:09 PM    
go to settings->transfers->general

do you have the 'recycle unused download slots uploads' and the 'recycle unused upload slots downloads' check off?
do you have 'Auto-manage slots' turn on for downloads?
by Guest on 2021/07/19 09:51:23 PM    
Hello thank you for your reply Guest.

Tixati is very good for seeding and rotating.

However the download management is possibly not really what you think it is.

Looking at the code, there are NO DL queue management parameters.
Bad Downloads cannot be sent to the back of the queue.

Instead something more crude happens.

ONLY when..... Bandwidth > Download Limit is ON (I set this too 100MB ridiculous level)
Will the download queue then expand like breathing from selected 8 slots to: 9, 10, 11 etc

This is not really queue "management" it just grows the queue but never deals with dead downloads.

Am I missing something here?

The code regarding DOWNLOAD management is this

// Startup additional downloads if bandwidth is under-utilized.


There is NO other code for managing download queue. So it only opens "additional" DL slot. Not shelf the bad download for later.

But there is plenty of parameters for controlling seeding and queuing of seeds.

Any ideas welcome thank you
by Guest on 2021/07/20 05:56:41 PM    
Yes same happened to me (dead downloads don't rotate), so I abandoned the idea of "slot limiting" either seeds or downloads. Besides it doesn't make sense for Bittorrent unless your bandwidth allocation to each transfer would be <3KB/s. Just let them run at once imo.
Right now I see Tixati has automatic management for slow seeding (a situation with not enough upload bandwidth): peers interested in local are choked unless Tixati can send at at least 4KB/s.
by Guest on 2021/07/21 09:06:16 PM    
Please post your requests for this feature on post below, so we can centralize all request in one place, making then just one strong request for devs.  Thanks.

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