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[Feature Request] - Copy Magnet Links in BASE16 (Default=BASE32)

by Guest on 2021/05/10 12:21:53 PM    
Hi Tixati Devs,

About copying Magnet Links in Tixati

TRANSFERS > (Select some downloads) > Right hand click > SHARE > Copy Magnet Link

This only saves/exports from Tixati to the clipboard as BASE-32 at present (as far as I know?)
Would it be possible to have a dual option on this menu IE for BASE-16 & BASE-32 ?

I know we can check BASE-16 manually in Tixati: TRANSFERS > OPTIONS tab > Meta-Info > but this is only sensible if it's just a few items.

I only ever see hashes in BASE-16 from another client I'm using so comparing isn't the easiest.

The Meta-Info panel lets you copy either HASH-16 OR 32 (with and without) the DN= and TR= options. Can this be done in bulk for my entire queue?

Thank you for the good work
by Guest on 2022/04/23 11:54:50 PM    
I'm also interested in that. I'd be fine with either a selector in options or with "" placeholder in "Magnet Links" options. Just give us any way to pick between Base 32 and Base 16 for the context menu, please.
by Guest on 2022/04/24 12:42:54 AM    
"base16" placeholder. I put it in square brackets like other placeholders but it seems bbcode parser on this site treated it as a tag and removed it...
by Guest on 2022/04/24 08:19:58 AM    
go to the properties of the torrent you want the mag-link for
go to the meta-info tab
choose Base 32 or Base 16 hash-id
by Guest on 2022/04/24 09:07:56 AM    
I know I can do that. But that's 5 clicks. And it doesn't use the format from options. It lets you copy just hash, hash+name hash+tracker or hash+name+tracker. And it's just one tracker even if you have multiple ones. So right now I have to copy the magnet link from the context menu, go to properties, copy base 16 hash and replace it in the copied magnet. As you can see, not ideal.
by Guest on 2023/10/29 01:02:36 AM    
Hi, I'm not a Tixati developer, but I am a long-time Tixati user, and I think I can help you.

If I understood you right and that what you want to achieve, I think that can already be done within existing settings in Tixati.
(maybe I have misunderstood something, correct me if I'm wrong)

So, you would like to change the format of the magnet link, which can be copied from the torrent list in the "Transfers" window (by accessing the right-click menu, then going to the "Share" option, and then under "Copy Magnet Link"), which is "Base 32 Hash-ID", like you can see on the image below :
(Link removed by Mod - Please re-post with all file names blurred)

And change it, so it would be a "Base 16 Hash-ID" copied magnet link?

To do that, go to "Tixati Settings", in the "Magnet Links" section, you'll see "Magnet link formats for transfer popup menu:" text field (marked red in the image below) :

In this field, there is this line of code by default :
This is the code that formats what will be copied by clicking on the "Copy Magnet Link" option in the "Transfers" window, as mentioned above, and doesn't have anything to do with the "Magnet Links" copy options in the "Meta-info" subsection of the "Transfers" window.

To not go into much detail, change [hash] part of the code to [hash16].
Then add &tr=[tracker] as much time as you would like to have trackers copied to the copied magnet link from the original magnet link or torrent data.
Here is a full example, which you can copy-paste, using 10 &tr=[tracker] elements, which will copy the first ten trackers available from the original magnet link or torrent data to your copied magnet link (if there are fewer trackers available, only the available number of them will be added to the copied magnet link) :

WARNING! Do not use the [hash2] placeholder, which is provided as one of the examples below that text field. It is INCORRECT, and Tixati will fail to generate a magnet link at all if you use it in your format code!
You MUST use [hash] or [hash16], ONLY!

I have reported that error in my recent "[Correction needed] Incorrect information provided in 'Tixati Settings > Magnet Links' window" post here :

So, if you have pasted my code line into the text field correctly and clicked "Close" on "Tixati Settings", your "Copy Magnet Link" option in the "Transfers" window should now look like on the image below, and the magnet link should now have "Base 16 Hash-ID" :
(Link removed by Mod - Please re-post with all file names blurred)

And now for the last part of your query, here is how to copy magnet links from multiple or all torrents in "Transfers" listing (this works like general list selection in OS) :
On keyboard only:
"Shift" + "Up/Down" arrow, for multiple item selection, then "List" key, and navigate through the menu to the "Share" option, and then to "Copy Magnet Link".
On keyboard + mouse:
Hold the "Ctrl" + "Left" mouse key clicks to select list items in random order, then navigate through the menu to the "Share" option and then to "Copy Magnet Link".
To select all torrents from the "Transfers" list, press "Ctrl" + "A", then navigate through the menu to the "Share" option and then to "Copy Magnet Link".
The whole thing should look like this: with a list of all magnet links from selected torrents visible in the "Copy Magnet Link" popup :
(Link removed by Mod - Please re-post with all file names blurred)

If it does, once you click on the "Copy Magnet Link" option, magnet links from all selected torrents (active and inactive) will be copied to the clipboard, trackers and all.

I hope this helps.

by Guest on 2023/10/29 01:30:29 AM    
Since this forum doesn't show inline pictures, here is a link to PDF of my post with inline pictures in it, for your convenience :

by Guest on 2023/10/29 07:44:40 PM    
"Settings" > "Magnet Links" > "Magnet link formats for transfer popup menu:"
use [hash] (for base32 or [hash16] (for base16) placeholders only, not [hash2]

Thanks dude!
by Guest on 2023/11/06 05:20:43 PM    
Hey Guest
(from message: 2023/10/29 01:02:36 AM)

This is a fabulous discovery, well done!! MAGNIFICENT !! Thank you for working this out.

I just tried entering both these at once and on the menu you can select BASE32 (top) and BASE16 option (bottom)

For those who want to follow this thread, open Tixati. Hit the settings icon (top right GEARS icon)

Settings (button) >> Transfers (sub header) >> Magnet Links >> (text box)


^ Above gives me the option to select either BASE 16 or 32 for sharing links

Although I will just use BASE16 as everything else in the world seems to use that

Thank you for your awesome detailed explanation. Muchos Kudos to you my friend!
by Guest on 2023/12/27 12:16:10 AM    
To the guy who figured this out, thanks a lot!

[hash] really does need to be changed to [hash32], and the non-working [hash2] ought to be removed.


Would be great if the dev could add a way to display a user-defined text string in the menu instead of the magnet: string itself.

For example:
"Magnet Link (Base 16)" magnet:?xt=urn:btih:[hash]&dn=[name]&xl=[bytes]&fc=[files]
"Magnet Link (Base 32)" magnet:?xt=urn:btih:[hash16]&dn=[name]&xl=[bytes]&fc=[files]
would display the 2 menu items simply as:
Magnet Link (Base 16)
Magnet Link (Base 32)
The tooltip (very useful) for each menu item would of course continue to display the result after substituting the placeholders with their actual values.

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