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[Feature Request] - Copy Magnet Links in BASE16 (Default=BASE32)

by Guest on 2021/05/10 12:21:53 PM    
Hi Tixati Devs,

About copying Magnet Links in Tixati

TRANSFERS > (Select some downloads) > Right hand click > SHARE > Copy Magnet Link

This only saves/exports from Tixati to the clipboard as BASE-32 at present (as far as I know?)
Would it be possible to have a dual option on this menu IE for BASE-16 & BASE-32 ?

I know we can check BASE-16 manually in Tixati: TRANSFERS > OPTIONS tab > Meta-Info > but this is only sensible if it's just a few items.

I only ever see hashes in BASE-16 from another client I'm using so comparing isn't the easiest.

The Meta-Info panel lets you copy either HASH-16 OR 32 (with and without) the DN= and TR= options. Can this be done in bulk for my entire queue?

Thank you for the good work
by Guest on 2022/04/23 11:54:50 PM    
I'm also interested in that. I'd be fine with either a selector in options or with "" placeholder in "Magnet Links" options. Just give us any way to pick between Base 32 and Base 16 for the context menu, please.
by Guest on 2022/04/24 12:42:54 AM    
"base16" placeholder. I put it in square brackets like other placeholders but it seems bbcode parser on this site treated it as a tag and removed it...
by Guest on 2022/04/24 08:19:58 AM    
go to the properties of the torrent you want the mag-link for
go to the meta-info tab
choose Base 32 or Base 16 hash-id
by Guest on 2022/04/24 09:07:56 AM    
I know I can do that. But that's 5 clicks. And it doesn't use the format from options. It lets you copy just hash, hash+name hash+tracker or hash+name+tracker. And it's just one tracker even if you have multiple ones. So right now I have to copy the magnet link from the context menu, go to properties, copy base 16 hash and replace it in the copied magnet. As you can see, not ideal.

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