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[Correction needed] Tixati Settings > Magnet Links - Wrong Info

by Guest on 2023/10/22 11:38:10 PM    
[Correction needed] Incorrect information provided in 'Tixati Settings > Magnet Links' window

This is an old one, but I stumbled on it again, so I'm reporting it this time, since it has not been corrected since then.

When you go to "Tixati Settings", in the "Magnet Links" section, you see the line "Placeholders: ..." with examples in brackets.
See here :
The second placeholder example is stated as "[hash2]" which is erroneous. If you use "[hash2]" instead of "[hash]" in the formatting of your magnet link, Tixati will not save/generate the magnet link at all (without any error notification).

"[hash2]" must be corrected to "[hash16]", since it correlates to "Base 16 Hash-ID", and regular "[hash]" correlates to "Base 32 Hash-ID" (from memory; I think that if you write "[hash32]" instead of "[hash]", it will still work, and generate a 32 base hash).

The "[hash]" will generate "Base 32 Hash-ID" :
And "[hash16]" will generate "Base 16 Hash-ID," which is found within .torrent files (it can be useful to have magnet links generated, that have the same hash value as .torrent files so that you can easily tie them together visually, which you can't do with 32 base hash magnet links) :
Just like 9C3C24CE1BBD975ABC8CE4B7B6D18BA183FE9.torrent filename, which you can download from around the net.

As you can see, a correction is indeed needed.

by Guest on 2023/10/23 12:06:43 AM    
[Correction needed] Incorrect information provided in 'Tixati Settings > Magnet Links' window

Addendum I :

Those Placeholder examples in the "Magnet Links", "Tixati Settings", section, should not be just plain, un-selectable, text.
They, should be made into clickable buttons, which, when you click on them, would write their part of the magnet link code at the cursor location in the text field above.
Example: When you click on "[tracker]", the "&tr=[tracker]" text line would be placed at the cursor position in the upper text field.
So that that formatted text can be selected and copied to the lower fields.

by Guest on 2023/10/23 01:15:45 AM    
[Correction needed] Incorrect information provided in 'Tixati Settings > Magnet Links' window

Addendum II :

I have checked it out, and you CAN'T use "[hash32]" instead of "[hash]", it will NOT work either, just like "[hash2]" doesn't work.
So, use "[hash]" to generate "Base 32 Hash-ID" in magnet link,
and use "[hash16]" to generate "Base 16 Hash-ID" in magnet link.
Just these two work.

FYI, you can use "[hash]" and "[hash16]" alternately. One for "when a new transfer starts" and the other for "when a transfer completes".

by Guest on 2023/10/29 07:58:52 PM    
It looks like it's just a GTK/XML typo, and "hash2" should've been "hash32" somewhere.

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