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Automatically remove torrent from the list after touching a cert

by Poli on 2021/04/22 05:40:38 AM    

I would live to automate my torrent downloading to the maxium I can. So I am currently using Radarr with Tixati.

I saw this post on the forum

So I would love to know if there is any possibilites to remove a torrent from the list of seeded torrent once it touches a certain seed ratio.
I would need to do this because if someone removes the film or Radarr and then want to redownload it, it won't be done as the torrent already shows as downloaded.

One possiblity would be that the torrent gets removed from the list once it's seeded. OR that if the torrent file pops again in the torrent blackhole directory it check if the files exist and if not it redownloads it.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks for the help
by notaLamer on 2021/04/28 10:06:54 PM    
Can't find what you want in the settings.

The best I can think of: automation via the web interface. I don't think this is something you had hoped for.
You'd need to mark the transfer names somehow since categories aren't available there at all (???). Then a script would need to correlate the transfer to the local folder (since the file names are available, not too hard), stop the transfer and delete the files. Only after some (long) time would it be able to delete the transfer to be safe from RSS.

That's really ugly and requires you to get the hands dirty let alone the knowledge to pull this off.
PS: I've never used RSS with Tixati and I don't know if its a bug or an oversight.

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