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Please do a little reading before you post something 'new' to yo

by Bugmagnet on 2021/03/23 12:46:22 PM    
This M$ listing of Tixati as a PUA, "Potentially Unwanted Application" is not new on this forum.

It was posted to this forum nearly 3 weeks ago...March 3, 2021

Then yesterday the same thing was posted as new threads by 4 other users.

Let's not do that ok?

Please read up before you post.

You will find that solutions to override M$s aggressive but misguided malware ANALitics are in that original thread. Let's keep the discussion there.

We know freedom to share media is UNWANTED by some corporate beasts. FT!

If they had their way, all torrent apps would be blocked. FT!

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