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Tixati not opening.

by Guest on 2021/03/22 07:22:14 PM    
After an win 10 comulative update from today my Tixati don't work, i'm not sure if was that, i've tryed reinstall and nothing.
This is the error:

Windows cannot access he specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.

Anything i can do?
by Guest on 2021/03/23 04:58:08 AM    
Same issue here.
by Guest on 2021/03/23 07:24:53 AM    
I am also experiencing the same problem.....
by Guest on 2021/03/23 08:21:35 AM    
It's Windows security flagging it as a potentially unwanted program. Open windows security and allow it on device. At least that's what happened to me.
by Guest on 2021/03/23 10:07:33 AM    
I'm having the same issue.  I've tried downloading the newest issue but no luck.  I'll try again tomorrow.
by Guest on 2021/03/23 10:25:05 AM    
Win10 thinks there is a Security Risk with Tixati.
Go to Settings -->Virus and Threat Protection and Allow Tixati. You shouldn't have the same problem again. Worked for me.
by Bugmagnet on 2021/03/23 12:01:48 PM    
This issue was posted to this forum nearly 3 weeks ago...

Solutions to override M$s aggressive but misguided malware ANALitics are in that thread

We know freedom to share media is UNWANTED by some corporate beasts. FT!
by janet on 2021/03/23 12:36:50 PM    
Tixati has NO spyware or adware.

It has been flagged as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) by Microsoft's Windows Defender only because Tixati is a torrent client. Other torrent clients have also been flagged as PUA by Microsoft's Windows Defender just for being torrent clients.

Here is more information:
by Guest on 2021/03/24 11:57:52 AM    
Randy is right. Just Settings -->Virus and Threat Protection and Allow Tixati
Now working properly.
by d3fontour on 2021/03/28 09:35:34 PM    
Ty all for the help, the windows security was the problem! Tixati is running again \o/

I was the guest who start the post =)

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