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tixati not working under vpn

by Guest on 2020/07/18 09:16:30 AM    
Debian Testing, tixati 2.74-1, purevpn
tixati works fine out of vpn connection. vpn works fine for browsing,streaming etc.
I found this msg in the forum :

But what does it mean "click the ... button and choose your VPN connection".
In that contest (settings, under Network > Connections, next to Local IPv4), clicking the button I have my eth interface and my desktop ip (192.168.x.x), lo and,
tun0 and 10.x.x.x address.. This last appears only when vpn is ON. Is it what I have to set up? I tried, but nothing seems change, always no seeding, no downloading.
Thanks for a clarification
by Guest on 2020/07/18 11:15:55 AM    
i do believe you are supposed to set it to tun0. i have mine set that way.

my VPN does not support ivp6 so i have the ivp6 option set to lo. but if your VPN does support ivp6, i assume you would set that option to tun0 as well.
by Guest on 2020/07/19 04:43:11 AM    
thanks for the reply.
nothing, using tun0, eth0, lo, tixati always sleeps, under vpn, no bytes in or out.

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