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Few issues in 2.74

by Guest on 2020/07/16 01:27:11 AM    
I cannot reproduce the first issue yet as I don't really understand what triggers it.
When I click on a row under Transfers, on the first day it threw me "Select Double-Click Actions" panel a lot. Second day, it actually triggered the double-click action when I clicked once on the row. But now it stopped. Maybe the error happens when I play with the tabs below the items list under Transfers, idk. Maybe my mouse needs to smacked against the wall, not sure.

Not being using Tixati for long time, I just noticed that I can't really set "open containing folder" as row double-click action. Would be cool if we had this possibility.

The second issue I noticed with wrong torrent size. For e.g.:
It shows: 10,5 G Bytes complete. But the actual folder size is 9.78 GB
3.33 G Bytes, but 3.10 GB actually, 10.7 G Bytes vs 9.96 GB, 4.12 G Bytes vs 3.83 GB. Other popular torrent clients show correct size, why does Tixati bloat the number? It's confusing. But "n Pieces x n KB Complete" calculates to correct size for example. Tixati displays the file sizes wrong, that's what I notice. Something wrong in a formula?
by Guest on 2020/07/16 03:52:11 PM    
Maybe my mouse needs to smacked against the wall, not sure.

YES, the double click issue is your mouse,
by Pete on 2020/07/17 08:49:20 AM    

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