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File size in Tixati

by AmolZ70 on 2015/05/25 09:42:07 AM    
The size of a torrent file indicated in Tixati is bigger than this indicated on the torrent site.What's this ??
by Pete on 2015/05/26 02:23:17 PM    
By default Tixati uses decimal unit prefixes not binary prefixes. For example:
(decimal) 1 MB  = 1000 kB  = 1000000 B
(binary)  1 MiB = 1024 KiB = 1048576 B

As you can see "binary" MiB is 48576 bytes larger than "decimal" MB. To add confusion, almost everyone uses MB prefix but means binary MiB instead. If on a torrent site they have 700 MB movie, Tixati will display 734003 K by default. You can change prefixes in Settings > User Interface > Output Formatting. Change Largest Unit for Bytes and Bytes in Charts to Mi, you'll have the same units as on most torrent sites.

For more information read:
by AmolZ70 on 2015/05/27 12:01:26 PM    
Thanks Pete !

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