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More options to colors
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by Guest on 2020/02/23 09:48:48 PM    
Please add a setting to choose the UI color, not just background but the UI buttons, bars and others, this useful for windows users, with want dark UI
by ZarkBit on 2020/02/24 01:35:50 PM    
Tixati's UI follows windows theme.
by Guest on 2020/03/05 11:38:07 PM    
Firefox also follow windows theme but offer a dark theme, because change windows theme isn't so easy as it seem. Dark theme have much demand, including me, and is very related with Tixati which have dark backgrounds by default, the nature of tixate is dark, and is just two new color settings, UI Background and UI Font.
by Guest on 2020/03/06 04:28:27 PM    
A complete dark theme can be very well come, and Tixati Team please never change the UI to modern designs, keep this classic win 95 UI for ever, is the best UI to me.
by Guest on 2020/03/08 04:05:38 PM    
+1 to full dark theme
by Guest on 2020/03/09 09:16:32 PM    
yes, yes, yes, yes
by Guest on 2020/12/30 05:12:17 AM    
YES! A darker theme please! Too much white still
by Guest on 2021/01/02 02:50:05 AM    
Agree with the comment about keeping the classic design! One part why Tixati is such a pleasure to use. The dark theme could be nice for the folks who want it, I'm sure it can be done without forcefully migrating the whole application to the flat/material UI. One such example would be MPC-HC, which has full dark mode but still supports the classic win95 design.
by Guest on 2021/01/03 02:42:59 AM    
The classic Tixati UI is excellent, very good, the best torrent client UI, I hate this modern UIs, like material etc, but the classic Tixati UI with a full dark theme would be very cool.
by Guest on 2021/01/04 12:42:39 AM    
I'd hate if Tixati gone flat.
by Guest on 2021/08/28 04:48:46 PM    
+1 to full dark theme
I want this for a long time
by notaLamer on 2021/08/30 10:55:05 PM    
Just to add a note: currently Tixati is a mix of custom UI elements and native system interface. For example on Windows you should install a dark/black system theme and it will also have an effect on Tixati.
For example I changed background color to yellow in OS settings:  This will get you to 90% black in Tixati.

Actually I've now checked out a color pack for Tixati (included Windows themes) I downloaded a long time ago (also checked: no malware). "DarkColor" is the only decent one. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:qafu6zppejaquvkgev3rlshfetj7hvw7&dn=Tixati%20Schemes%20by%20Tommy%5Btheme%2C.colors%5D.rar&xl=19605837&fc=1

Looks like he was forced to use a Windows classic theme (inverted high contrast, ew) to set some colors. --- Oh apparently with Windows 10 you can actually get some REAL fully working dark themes. So I'd dismiss Tommy's experiments and first find a fully working dark Windows theme pack (for this SecureUxTheme patch is unavoidable) and then adapt Tixati's dark theme to fit the Windows theme.
And then! then...
you come back here and present your beautiful combo.
by Guest on 2021/08/31 05:11:44 PM    
Today, a oficial full dark mode is a basic and essential thing.
by Guest on 2022/02/03 03:38:03 PM    
by Guest on 2022/02/13 09:52:24 PM    
I see that theres peoples here and many other places asking for a full dark theme since over 6 years while theres been so many new version releases... only the white background outside the tree and the buttons as 2 new colors in the settings would do it, theres already over 200 custom color elements already, surely about 190 of them that next to nobody ever use... i dont get whats so complicated about it???
by CircleOfReality on 2022/03/06 09:15:52 PM    
by Guest on 2022/06/16 04:52:07 PM    
+1 up
by Guest on 2023/02/28 01:48:28 AM    
by Guest on 2023/03/02 08:26:32 PM    
DARK!!!... everything is perfect on the interface except these 2 colors... background and buttons, thats it!!

theres like 200 colors settings already, remove 100+ of those and im sure nobody would ever notice or care.

Seems theres a ton of peoples asking for this in multiples treads, a dark background is now standard on next to everything, its already on the Linux ver...

and what bugs me the most honestly is that theres never any answer from tixati assessing that... Im mean if you just dont wanna do it for XYZ reasons, at least tell us!!!

by janet on 2023/03/03 05:28:16 AM    
The Devs tell me this is in the works.
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