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When do you plan to make a proper Dark version??  

by mooshi on 2023/02/18 10:37:00 PM      ( Original:  )

That basically... personally im using this with a projector, so thats the only piece of software i have that still set the room on fire, but im sure others would want that.

im not about change to another client because thats clearly the best,... simple, works well and isnt annoying, congrats on that,... but it would be nice, and i fail to see how that would be complicated to just add 2-3 color sections to the ~90 that are already there in the settings custom colors.


by Guest on 2023/02/22 03:38:24 AM    
plz, add a darker theme, also my windows theme is dark. white theme in this program, makes my whole room light in the night QQ and hurts my eyes... i love this program
by Guest on 2023/02/24 08:36:30 AM    
I would also love a Dark Mode feature, and great work on the mock up :)
by mooshi on 2023/02/24 04:11:25 PM    
is adding 2 color option, the interface background and the buttons on windows in the "to do list" or... ??

its already on linux if im not mistaken, so...

by mooshi on 2023/03/07 01:00:12 PM    
---SOLVED---  Screenshot:

This is what you want, black bkgd and buttons...

All you need to do is theme windows... download this one, it will theme Tixati as well...

Unzip, copy all the win theme stuff folder to ---C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

you're gonna want 1 of the 4 "night" ones, the dark ones dont affect Tixati, and the only difference between the 4 is the style of the min-max-close on windows upper-right corners.


Then you need a theme patcher that will allow these themes to be use by windows or something like that.

there's that   which works well, but there's also 3-4 others, ultraUXpatcher, SecureUxTheme, etc...

they'll then be in the windows settings > personalization > theme > just click on it... I have it on Win11, but it should work on Win10 as well, just didnt test it.

May the DarkSide be with you.. Always!  ;-)

by Guest on 2024/02/06 02:45:07 AM    
I did it according to Mooshi's instructions, the scheme is applied but the color of the window title does not change.

It's strange that the developer didn't make a dark theme.
by Guest on 2024/02/16 01:01:27 AM    
Dark theme is Coming Soon™ according to the dev.

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